Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Living in Harmony with Nature at LSDC in San Joaquin

The natural beauty of San Joaquin continues to be one of its greatest assets. With an extensive town of almost 23,135 hectares, the town is located wholly along the coastal area south of the province of Iloilo. Its lengthy coastline confers the town's potential of a maritime power. Most of the town's beautiful beach locations are sure targets for investors. The town offers a wide variety of tourist attractions such as extended and roomy beaches ideal for swimming and fishing and other water sports that highlights its unique marine life particularly conducive to holidaying.

A 53-kilometer bus or jeepney ride from the city and you will be transported from one of its most interesting attractions. Set in an area surrounded by coconut trees, visitors will find a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Lhetz Snorkel and Dive Camp (LSDC) in Barangay Cata-an promises a pleasant outing with safe swimming conditions where one gets an awning on the beach for relaxed, casual comfort. The area is ideal for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. The cove has a beautiful marine garden which interests dive enthusiasts.

Nowhere else do you have such an ease of access to miles of pristine waters with diverse life and highlights. Other areas in Iloilo, one can collect good dive sites together over large areas however on a long and arduous boat journeys in between and might not even get close to what this resort offers out there.

This resort is within the boundaries of a reserve for terrestrial wildlife. Its coastline has been turned into a sustainable protected marine park. LSDC and its surrounding communities have "bought in" to the conservation plan and as a result, illegal fishing, reef walking and other activities detrimental to the coral reef have been halted.

Officially opened in the year 2000, the resort is set on a 7,000 square metered developed area owned and managed by Mr. and Mrs. Abdon and Reine Andrea Santocildes. The resort has been an excellent choice for those who prefer to enjoy peace and quiet time with family and friends. It has nine (9) very affordable rooms where guests can enjoy spectacular sea views from your their cottages. It has air-conditioned single and duplex rooms and fan rooms. These comfortable cottages are located amidst beautiful coconut trees. Guests can come for the day for P30.00 as entrance fee and P50.00 for those staying overnight. Guests can also pitch a tent for P150.00.

The receiving area has an ocean view where guests can hear the gentle waves and listen to the birds while seated on the balcony in one of the lounge benches. Its dining hall can accommodate 50 persons, a perfect venue for intimate wedding receptions. It also offers food service to go with your event. Local dishes such as kadios and tambo are popular to guests.

The wealth and diversity of San Joaquin’s tourism resources hope to provide investment opportunities for the province through the development of picnic and camping sites at strategic locations within trail circuits; building of tourist lodges; beach tourism potentials; establishment of boating and sports fishing facilities; educational facilities for water sports; and establishment of holiday resorts along the coasts.

The town has something for everyone. Those who wish to experience Iloilo at a slower pace would do well to visit San Joaquin that offers opportunities to relax and enjoy the sun and scenery, where there is always something new and exciting taking place.

To get there, one can take a tricylcle from the town market to Barangay Cata-an. For those who wish to avail of its scuba instruction and services, please contact Mr. Abdon Santocildes at 09186033946/ 09167656146 or 09164938633 or Mrs. Erlyn Alunan, Municipal Tourism Officer at 09179857804.

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