Monday, October 24, 2016

Haw-as in Dumangas: Celebrating the Bounty of the Sea and Land

photo by De Nuevo Studio

Dumangas, Iloilo comes alive with the celebration of Haw-as Festival that opened in October 9 till November 1, 2016. The town is among the main centers of Iloilo’s fish trade so it is appropriate that they hold a thanksgiving festival celebrating the harvest of good things from the sea and land.

Spend a sweet, end-of-the-semester weekend in the historic town of Dumangas. Both the abundance of its home-grown produce and artisan food products are what initiated this free, family-oriented arts and crafts event.

photo by De Nuevo Studio

The festival will encompass a variety of activities and entertainment geared for the young and the once young. October 9 (Sunday) Pamukaw, 8 a.m. Haw-as Festival Painting Contest at the New Building of Dumangas Public Market; October 26 (Wednesday) 9 a.m. Handumanan sg Haw-as Festival, One Town One Product at Foodfest Area A, Photoshooting Competition at Dumangas Covered Gym, 12 noon Ecumenical Service at Dumangas Covered Gym, 1 p.m. Pagbagting Street Dancing at the Municipal Hall, 6 p.m. Sugbahanay sa Plaza, 7 p.m. Awarding of Photo Contest and Street Dancing at the Dumangas Covered Gym; October 27 (Thursday) 8 a.m. Women Empowerment at Dumangas Covered Gym, 7 p.m. Haw-as Pre-Pageant Night featuring Casual Wear Competition and Talents Night at the Dumangas Covered Gym;

October 28 (Friday) a.m. Liberation of Dumangas – 116th Cry of Freedom and Liberty at the Dumangas Covered Gym, 9 a.m. Col. Quintin Salas Composo and Binalaybay at the Dumangas Covered Gym, 3-10 p.m. Educator’s Day at Dumangas Covered Gym; October 29 (Saturday) 8 a.m. Farmers and Fisherfolks Forum and Products Display at Dumangas Covered Gym, 9 a.m. Bangus Extravaganza Cooking Contest at Dumangas Covered Gym, 3 p.m. 1st Sikpanay – Dumangas actual Haw-as sa Punong in Barangay Dacutan, 7 p.m. Haw-as Festival Queen Pageant Night at Dumangas Covered Gym; October 30 (Sunday) 8 a.m. Youth Congress at Dumangas Covered Gym, 7 p.m. Diner for a Cause Benefit Show at Dumangas Covered Gym;

October 31 (Monday) 5 a.m. Run for Col. Quintin Salas Marathon – Dumangas to Barotac Nuevo Boundary, 8 a.m. Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Col. Quintin Salas, Dr. Jose Rizal and Veterans Monuments at Dumangas Public Plaza,9 a.m. Commemoration Program of the 146th Col. Quintin Salas Birth Anniversary at Dumangas Covered Gym and at 1 p.m. Haw-as Festival “Guban” Competition; November 1 (Tuesday) Aftershock, 7 p.m. Ligum Dulom at Dumangas Covered Gym.

photo by De Nuevo Studio

The most popular aquaculture practices used in the coastal area leading to Dumangas is the Brackishwater aquaculture done mainly in fish ponds located along its coastal barangays. This fishing industry not only drives the local economy but also accounts for a considerable percentage of protein consumed in the Ilonggo diet. Protection of, and innovation in, this sector is critical to ensuring food security not only for Dumangasanons but for entire Iloilo.

photo by De Nuevo Studio

Haw-as Festival reminds Dumangasanons of all the good things God gives them. This makes them want to share with others.

Dumangas is a 1st class municipality in the province of Iloilo. Politically subdivided into 45 barangays, it has a land area of 11, 677 hectares. The town is located northeast or 30 kilometers away from Iloilo City. It is bounded in the north by the Municipality of Barotac Nuevo, on the south and east by the Guimaras Strait and on the west by the Municipalities of Pototan and Zarraga. One can travel to Dumangas via the Monfort Coast Boulevard. Vans are readily available at Baldoza Transport Terminal in Barangay Baldoza, Lapaz, Iloilo City.

Bana-ag Festival in Anilao: An Evening Like No Other

Anilao, Iloilo will celebrate its 12th Bana-ag Festival alongside its 77th Foundation Day Celebration from October 1 – November 1, 2016. Come enjoy a magical scene, a night you will never forget. Experience thousands of lights dancing while dancing and memories to last for a lifetime.

There is no religious significance attached to the celebration. Bana-ag is a purely secular for all Anilaonons. It is a cultural celebration showcasing art, dance, theatre and music. It features the collective talents of artists and performers of the town.

A must see for the whole family, Bana-ag with showcase its culture through a display of thousands of beautiful lights. The much-anticipated dance performance competition will transform the town into a magical playground with its vibrant light displays. It is a fantastic display to behold. To complement this visual experience, visitors can enjoy its tribal music which is played along the street dancing and performance competition.

With this year’s theme, “Iwag nga Naga ubay sa Paghugpong para sa Kauswagan sg mga Anilaonon,” Bana-ag Festival is an evening like no other with series of special events for everyone to enjoy. October 1 (Saturday) Bana-ag Pamukaw Run/ Bana-ag Sportsfest, Search for Elderly Queen 2016 by Senior Citizens at 7:30 a.m. at the Anilao Covered Gym; October 14 ( Friday) Mr. Gwapo Asenso by SEA-K at 7:30 a.m. at the Anilao Covered Gym; October 22 (Saturday) Bana-ag Youth Day and Musical Festival at 1 p.m. at the Anilao Covered Gym; )ctober 28 (Friday) Farmers Day at 7:30 a.m. at the Anilao Covered Gym and Opening of Bana-ag Exhibit at 7:30 a.m. at the Bana-ag Center; October 30 (Sunday) Bana-ag Obstacle Race Team Competition at 7 a.m. at Sitio Caban-caban, Barangay Cag-an and Opening Salvo at Anilao Municipal Centennial Park at 3 p.m. and Sinadya sa Anilao by DepEd Secondary at 5 p.m. at the Anilao Covered Gym; October 31 (Monday) Street Dance and Performing Competition, Bana-ag sa Langit at 7 p.m., Anilao Municipal Centennial Park, Bana-ag Car Show and Competition at 7 p.m. at the Anilao Covered Gym; November 1 (Tuesday) Thanksgiving Mass.

Come. Join the people of Anilao for this one night experience of music, food and memories.

Anilao is located 40 kilometers northeast of Iloilo City. Comprised of 21 barangays It is bounded in the north by the town of San Enrique; the highest mountain of the town in the west; in the south by Barotac Nuevo; and the Guimaras Strait in the east. To get to Anilao, one can take a van or bus at the new Ceres Terminal in Barangay Camalig,  Jaro. For more information, please contact Emerson Franco – Municipal Tourism Officer at 09395804484.

Tigkaralag: Getting Into Pavia’s Bone-Rattling Halloween Spirit

photo by Joel Miles Molina

Pavia, Iloilo, is bringing you Iloilo’s biggest and scariest Halloween Festival---Tigkaralag or Pangagaluwa or Soul-ing.

Uniquely where it all began, the town started hosting the celebration 25 years ago to showcase the creativity and talents of the different participating groups coming from the town’s 18 barangays, as well as to prevent youngsters from getting into trouble. And it has grown almost every year since.

photo by Joel Miles Molina

There is a parade with a lot screams that starts at 5:30 p.m. If you like a good scare there is the spectacularly spooky Halloween costume and make-up competition. The highlight of the festival is certainly the annual dance-drama competition, pretty awesome for such a small town.

Costumed characters, like the Headless Priest, zombies, werewolves and ghosts bring this historically themed spot to life.

photo by Joel Miles Molina

Although the fear factor is always there in the minds of many especially kids because of the obvious association of cemeteries with the dead, Ilonggos do not celebrate Halloween as festive as other cities. There are no costumes, not so popular trick or treat, no holiday mood. In fact, by the 31st of October, the city starts to empty slowly, with fewer vehicles on the streets. 

photo b Joel Miles Molina

As early as the 29th of October is the expected exodus of students and individuals from their usual place of residence and work in the city to go back to their hometowns where resting places of their dead loved ones are located. There, they visit their cemeteries to clean up the tombs of their departed loved ones in preparation for All Saints Day or Todos Los Santos every 1st of November. It is the day to remembering the dead, the day seen as a chance for family reunions to strengthen family ties. Families set aside food for their loved ones who have already passed away.

In the city, with less people and vehicles, the only crowded places are found in the vicinity of cemeteries.

photo by Joel Miles Molina

No matter, it is quite evident that Tigkaralag of Pavia has become an anticipated yearly event especially for the young.  More than spookiness and fright, Tigkaralag has become synonymous to fun, costumes, and treats for the Ilonggos. Pavia is a mere 30 minute drive from downtown Iloilo.

The Agro-iIdustrial town of Pavia is located 9.6 kilometers north of Iloilo City. The town is politically subdivided into 18 barangays and is known to be the smallest in the whole province in terms of land area. Pavia is bordered by the municipalities of Oton, San Miguel, Sta. Barbara, Leganes and Iloilo City. For more information, please contact, Mrs. Susan Jovero – Municipal Tourism Officer at 09173006041.

Cultural Empowerment through Indigenous Peoples Day

Calinog, Iloilo highlights its indigenous culture through the annual celebration of Indigenous People’s Day. With this year’s theme, “Padayon nga Paghugpong sa Pagtib-ong sang Pangabuhi, Kultura kag Tradisyon sang mga Ati kag Panay Bukidnon,” the event will be on October 28, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Alcarde Gustilo Memorial National High School in Barangay Alibunan.

In Panay, the Panay Bukidnon remains as the largest indigenous people’s group with an estimated population of 94,000 comprising of the groups coming from the municipalities of Calinog and Lambunao in Iloilo, and Jamindan and Tapaz in Capiz. 

They are best remembered for their oral tradition chanted or sang using their archaic dialect called dagil or ligbok, it gives an account of their legends, and affairs within their community. Their dance, Binanog, depicts the movement of the hawk locally known as dapay and is danced to the beatings of gongs. Both are continued to be practiced during important occasions.

Calinognons celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day through learning from educational resources that focus on the traditions, culture and background of Panay Bukidnon and Aetas. It is a day to celebrate their heritage of Calinognons and for both native and non-native cultures to unite so the many aspects of native culture can be shared.

Indigenous Peoples Day draw visitors from neighboring municipalities and provinces with special events carefully managed to showcase their local cultural traditions through an enriching and interesting array of activities. the program will start at 8 a.m. with a thanksgiving ritual and prayer; 10 a.m. will feature Lectures on the IPRA Law by Director Ana Burgos, IPEd by Dr. Jesus Insilada, IP Customs and Traditions by Mrs. Elsie Padernal and Mrs. Felicitas Catedrilla, IP and Tourism by Gilbert Marin followed by an Open Forum along with on-going Workshop on Embroidery by Rocel Casipe and Wilson Lastrilla; Oral Traditions, Binanog and Instrument Playing by Rodulfo Caballero, Rolando Caballero, Regina Villanueva and Japhet Casipe; Giving of Certificates; 12 noon Lunch; 1 p.m. will have Indigenous Games and awarding Ceremony.

The annual cultural celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day empowers the indigenous peoples of Calinog by generating alternate sources of income by introducing and selling their crafts, and artwork to the viewing public. The continuation of this celebration is critical to its Indigenous communities’ with their contribution to the community’s well-being, resilience and capacity.

Every October of the year is Indigenous Peoples (IP) Month. This nationwide celebration is stipulated in Proclamation 1906, s. 2009 signed by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the RA 8371 dated October 29, 1997, known as the “Indigenous Peoples Rights Act” (IPRA).

The eco-agricultural municipality of Calinog is 59.3 kilometers away from Iloilo City. It is in the central portion of Iloilo and is comprised of 59 barangays over a land area of 23,280 hectares. It is bounded in the north by the municipality of Tapaz, Capiz; northeast by the municipality of Bingawan, Iloilo; northeast by the municipality of San Remegio, Antique; south by the town of Lambunao, Iloilo; southeast by the municipality of Dueńas, Iloilo and; southwest by the town of Valderama, Antique.

To get to Calinog, numerous jeepneys and buses run daily from Pavia People’s Terminal in Barangay Ungka-II, Pavia, Iloilo or at the Bus-Jeepney Terminal fronting Christ the King Memorial Park in Jaro, Iloilo City. For more information, please contact, Chester Larrodel – Municipal Tourism Officer at 09491760006.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Festival and More for the 8th Pagdihon in Dingle

Dingle, Iloilo will celebrate Pagdihon, a traditional community festivity filled with music, dance and competitive events that will highlight its culture, heritage and tradition. With this year’s theme, “Pagdihon Padayunon Kag Pasanyugon,” community members encourage visitors and guests not only to attend but also to participate in its 10-day celebration from October 22-31, 2016.

One of the wonderful things about visiting Dingle during Pagdihon is that special events are aplenty. October 22 (Saturday) Float Parade at 7:30a.m., Opening Program, Raising of Banners, Agri-Fair, DLC Exhibitions from eight Elementary Schools, Laro ng Lahi at 1 p.m. and Live Band at 7 p.m.; October 23 (Sunday) Mountain Bike Race, Miss Pagdihon at 7 p.m.; October 24 (Monday) DBC and DLC Exhibitions with three High Schools and four Elementary Schools; October 25 (Tuesday) Boy and Girl Scout Fun Day at 7 a.m., Live Band from PNP in the evening; October 26 (Wednesday) Senior Citizen’s Day, Dog Show, Live Band at 7 p.m.; October 27 (Thursday) Mass Church Wedding at 9 a.m., Alcoholic’s Night/ Comedy Show/ Live Band; October 28 (Friday) Cry of Lincud, Dingle Plaza Landscape, Fireworks Competition at 7 p.m., Teacher’s Night at the Covered Gym and Live Band; October 29 (Saturday) Coop and Farmers Day, Live Band; October 30 (Sunday) Street Dance and Tribe Competition at 7:30 a.m., Mr. and Miss Teen; October 31 (Monday) Trick or Treat, Horror Night Street Dance and Dance Drama, Awarding, Back-to-Back Live Band.

The street dance and tribe competition of the festival remains at the heart of the festival’s identity. Performers, in a moving story-telling unfold history with Gen. Adriano Hernandez, their local hero as the central figure of the presentation. Gen. Hernandez secretly organized a rebel movement in Iloilo against the Spaniards and staged the first armed uprising in the Province of Iloilo in October 28, 1898. This occurred in Barrio Lincud, Dingle. The event was known as the "Cry of Lincud." Because of his excellent display of gallantry and knowledge in military strategy, General Hernandez became the trusted aide of General Martin Delgado designating him as the Chief-of-Staff of the rebel government in the Visayas that was inaugurated in November 1898.  When Iloilo fell into the hands of the Americans he became the leader of the guerilla movement in the whole province.

And of course no presentation would be complete without the festive atmosphere where spectators will see familiar scenes of celebration as performers involve prayers for a good harvest and give thanks for the bountiful harvest with giant fruit and vegetable prop and the abundance of food that has been brought in and stored for the coming months ahead. The jubilation at a bountiful harvest becomes the reason also for the celebration of Pagdihon.

Dingle is extraordinarily scenic, also an awe-inspiring site and the best place to go caving.

Bulabog Puti-an National Park in Barangay Moroboro is the only National Park in the whole of Panay. Measuring 847.33 hectares, the park covers the barangays of Lincud, Moroboro, Camambugan, Caguyuman, Tulatula-an in Dingle and the barangays of Lip-ac, Palje, Compo, Rumagayray in San Enrique. It was designated as a National Park in June 14, 1961 through Congressional Bill No. 1651 and such is considered a "nationally significant area.” There are 33 known caves inside the park but only six are allowed for visitors to explore.

Dingle has successfully marketed itself as an Eco-cultural destination of the province and continues to attract eco-tourists.  It is also known for a number of tourist attractions, such as the Filipino-Baroque architecture of St. John the Baptist Parish Church that was finished in 1886; the Nautod Wall, one of the major rock-climbing destinations in the Philippines, and; Mount Manyakiya known for its natural viewing deck that provides a panoramic view of the island of Negros.

The municipality of Dingle is 37 kilometers away from Iloilo City. It is bounded in the northeast by Anilao; northwest by San Enrique; southeast by Pototan and Barotac Nuevo; and southwest by Duenas. It is subdivided by 33 barangays distributed to its 7,750 hectare land area.

To get to the town, jeepneys or vans are available at the terminal in Barangay Tagbak, Jaro, Iloilo City. For more information, please contact, Mr. Dane Dizon – Municipal Tourism Officer at 09477424341.

Empowering Bitas Through Burihan Festival

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