Monday, January 24, 2011

MIDWAY: A Way Forward in Going Organic for Passi City

The newly-opened MIDWAY Convenient Store in Passi City encourages people to switch to organic food as much as possible because it supports the local small organic farms and also enhances the consumer’s health. The range of organic produce in Passi City is growing year to year with more farms growing to meet the increased demand for organic food in Iloilo.

'Farmpreneur’ Ricardo Palmares Jr. is one of the very few local farms in Passi to raise organic fruits and vegetables. Advertising ‘city friendly’ fare grown without pesticides or fertilizers, they specialize in organic vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, bitter gourd or ampalaya and eggplants. Since its initial opening in May 2010, this ‘veteran’ farmer has seen a shift in the organic scene in Passi City. MIDWAY, currently managed by Miss Pam Palmares opened to fill a ‘niche market’, and initially business was ‘very hard’. But now, more people are more aware about what organic is all about.

MIDWAY is also the first in Passi City to open a public organic farm, combining the educational and recreational purposes. Visitors can explore their farm on their own or avail of their free guided tour with in-house tour guide. Visitors can experience real country life and enjoy fresh harvest. Its scenic area is composed of greenhouse area; banana, papaya and rambutan fruit farm. It is special because they are organically grown, so that visitors can witness our hardworking farmers growing organic crops, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Their soon-to-open fresh market restaurant will provide some “green” shopping or have a nice meal here after your tour and activities is surely not a bad idea!

Passi city’s consciousness is more in tune with the organic ethos now than it used to be. Business is growing – slowly but steadily. Other popular produce from the Sweet City of Passi include pineapples, bananas, pomelos and rambutans. Thanks to the growing market for naturally cultivated food. The craze for organic food hit the Sweet City of Passi, a fruit-growing component city of 87,000 people in the central portion of Iloilo province, was perfectly suited to benefit through MIDWAY.

The city government of Passi under the leadership of its very dynamic municipal mayor, Hon. Jesry T. Palmares is in full support of this program and started featuring their other local produce at MIDWAY that has become a clearly designated area for the city’s local produce.

Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations. The use of organic technologies can help the farmers to produce profitable organic fruits and vegetables, putting money in their pockets and reducing risks to their health posed by use of common chemical agents.

When buying organic food, try to buy local organic food because it supports a healthy environment and avoids the use of polluting transport. And when you go organic, the culinary world seems idyllic: local farmers grow fresh produce without the use of pesticides or chemicals, while animals, raised for meat or dairy are not pumped with growth hormones. It is a regulated industry focused on eco-friendly farming and healthy living. Who wouldn’t buy that?

MIDWAY is located just at the main road side of Barangay Bacuranan and offers its spacious car park for cars and buses. For more information, please contact Miss Mae Pojol-Buenaflor, City Tourism Officer at 09213543537.

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