Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tubungan, All Set for the 10th TUBONG-TUBONG Festival

The 73rd Foundation Anniversary of Tubungan with its annual Tubong-Tubong Festival promise to kick start the month of flowers with a remarkable combination of music, dance and theater on April 27-May 1, 2011. Eight contesting tribes coming from the councilor’s district will put their creativity to work for its annual Tribal Dance Drama competition on May 1 at 8 a.m.

This year's celebration with theme: “Ikasarang Ko, Itubong Ko” (My Capacities, My Contribution) is reflected in their five-day series of activities which are mainly focused on the capacity of Tubunganons in contributing, cooperating and showcasing their local talents and abilities in promoting their town.

Tubong-Tubong is derived from the word 'tubong,' a term used in gambling or in games, meaning 'to add,' 'to contribute' or 'to chip-in' to the original bet. The Spanish Laws of the Indies requires a place to have a certain number in terms of population in order to be recognized as a town.

The Laws of the Indies are the entire body of laws issued by the Spanish Crown for its Philippine possessions of its empire. They regulated social, political and economic life in the area. Its main emphasis is in guiding and regularing the establishment of presidios or military towns, missions, and pueblos or civilian towns. It is a comprehensive guide composed of 148 ordinances to aid colonists in locating, building, and populating settlements. Signed in 1573, the Laws of the Indies are seen as the first wide-ranging guidelines towards design and development of communities. One of its rules stated that colonists who should want to make a commitment to building a new settlement in the form and manner already prescribed, be it of more or less than 30 neighbors, (know that) it should be of no less than twelve persons and be awarded the authorization and territory in accordance with the prescribed conditions.

And to comply with this requirement, people from neighboring towns were recruited and encouraged to settle in Tin-an, the original town of Tubungan. Its recognition as a town during the Spanish regime was made possible through tubong-tubong in terms of population.

Tubungan continues to celebrate its proud heritage every year with its annual Tubong-Tubong Festival, now on its 10th year. It is a favorite with Tubunganons, as the occasion calls for more entertainment than any other time of the year. It is the year's most important community activity. Family members gather in the poblacion, traveling from across far-flung mountain barangays to spend the celebration in each other's company.

Tubunganons with its Tubong-Tubong Festival do not make any claims of being the grandest, the loudest, the most fun or the most colorful––they just do what they do, and do it in a way that keeps their visitors coming back.

Central to its festival success for the last ten years is a genuine story, a tale of building something up from humble beginnings, and of finding ways to innovate and grow in an increasingly crowded market, while still maintaining the intimacy and vision that made people come in the first place.

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