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Eco Adventure at Tambaliza Eco-Park and Resort

the imposing Mt. Manaphag also known as Pan de Azucar at Barangay. Tambaliza, Concepcion, Iloilo

Endowed with bounties of nature; the municipality of Concepcion, represents one of the finest destinations. White-sand beaches and beautiful coral gardens linked with mangroves and tropical seas is the unique combination of this town. Concepcion has a prominent place in the tourism map of Iloilo and is also locally significant due to its rich biological diversity.

The town is known to have of the one of the best managed sustainable tourism program and presently becoming one of the best managed mangrove ecosystem in Iloilo too. It is also recognized for its outstanding conservation management of the rich and diverse of wildlife and habitats that thrive throughout the different islands in the area.

mangroves at Tambaliza ecopark, Concepcion, Iloilo, photo by Norman Posecion (USA-CAP)

In Concepcion key protected areas of Mangrove forest or Mangrove swamp occur in its various island communities. But there are also large areas of unprotected mangrove habitats.

Many think that mangroves are just small weedy plants along the shoreline. Mangroves are much more than that. It is a whole ecosystem acting as a buffer between land and sea. Mangroves are extensions of tropical and sub-tropical forests into the sea.

Mangrove ecosystems are highly productive and play a key role in our battle against climate change, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere while storing carbon dioxide. Mangroves provide critical habitat for a diverse marine and terrestrial flora and fauna. As they say, healthy mangrove forest is a key to healthy marine ecology.

In the past years there has been an increase in the awareness of the people in Concepcion. Communities are coming together to spread this awareness. They realize that the rapid destruction of their mangrove areas will have far-reaching effects. The local government unit is making efforts to highlight the issues like coastal regulation and illegal destruction of the mangrove areas through the interventions of the local government and local groups.

photo by Norman Pocesion (USA-CAP)
No trip to Concepcion would be complete without a visit to Tambaliza Eco-Park and Resort in Barangay Tambaliza. It is one of the most important areas and combined with the surrounding Island of Botlog and the imposing Mt. Manaphag popularly known as Pan de Azucar, the area is one the most scenic stretch of Concepcion.

For an ecological experience, visit Tambaliza, Concepcion Eco-Park and Resort. The whole family will enjoy this relaxing stroll along a boardwalk over a natural Mangrove preserve. The Eco Park and Resort opened in April 28, 2011 in time for their annual Tampisaw Festival celebration.

Tampisaw Festival is an annual event celebrated in the last week of April aimed at celebrating global day for positive environmental action. Through this celebration, the municipality of Concepcion is able to personalize environmental issues and enable everyone to realize not only their responsibility, but also their power to become agents for change in support of sustainable and equitable development.

The eco-park has a considerable area of mangrove forest where most areas support larger mangrove trees. The structure and composition of the mangrove forest has been studied by DENR but is currently under the care of an active ecological group comprised of local municipal officials, volunteers and community leaders of the town. The wetland is state owned and is now open to public use. The park covers an area consisting of open water, rocky headlands and a relatively considerable proportion of mangrove area.

The area has become a major tourist attraction and the town realized income from parties of sightseers.

It offers two major board-walking or guided nature trail activities; (1) upon docking at the eco-park’s main entrance, and (2) going through the reserve area where one can get a full view of eco-park.

photo by Norman Pocesion (USA-CAP)
Amenities include three (3) cottages that can accommodate 25 persons per cottage; 1 pavilion; two (2) open cottages and two (2) floating cottages that can accommodate 10 persons each. Entrance fee is P20.00 for a whole day visit at the park.

Visiting the park is one better way to stimulate the conservation of the area so that we can contribute to the creation of an economy that will never flourish without these mangroves. As they say, after all, this is the idea of ecotourism and responsible travel.

Getting to the Tambaliza Eco-Park and Resort from Iloilo City, you have to head north via bus or van to Concepcion through Tagbak Terminal in Jaro. Once you reach the poblacion, take a motorized boat and head towards Barangay Tambaliza. 
For more information please contact Rolinda de Julian at 09395032408.

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