Monday, August 15, 2011

A Visual Feast of Weaving Traditions for the 4th Fashion Fiber Fair

abaca outfit by International Lifestyle Designer PJ SAranador of Estancia,
 Iloilo for Fiber Fashion Fair 2008
The Fiber Fashion Fair is the only one of its kind annual fiber fair in the region held in Iloilo. It is the most effective way to promote the indigenous fabrics of Panay. It is no wonder that the Fiber Fashion Fair has already become a must see for all those weaving supporters in Panay.

The Fiber Fashion Fair is not just a place to market Panay hand-loomed and fiber products, but also a platform to celebrate weaving history in a unique way by showcasing the works of ordinary and extraordinary weavers of Panay, promoting the exploration of knowledge and ideas on weaving and providing an avenue for viewing and appreciation.

Visitors can experience the diversity of weaving cultures – showcased through the variety of colors and style. The display plays an important role in helping people learn about the industry. It is also a popular point of call for the buying public.

The event is a visual feast, characterized by vivid colors, shapes and textures as visitors connect to individual weavers and weaving communities through their display. The fair will showcase all the products and services related to weaving. It will also be an opportunity for weaving communities and entrepreneurs to enter the Ilonggo market.

photo by Ryan Rey Genciana, patadyong and hablon outfit by Ian Jorda
Although this industry is predominantly female, the exhibition will cater for men as well. With a growing male interest in the beauty industry, we cannot afford to ignore the masculine side.

The fiber fair is set out to draw visitors from influential target markets. It is also geared at providing exhibitors that essential part of marketing such as direct communications with future clients. Apart from showcasing their products and services, exhibitors will have the opportunity to educate the industry and clients about hand-loomed fabrics. The event is seen as a catalyst for success and advancement in the Panay weaving industry.

The 4th Fiber Fashion Fair will take place at the Activity Center of SM City Iloilo on August 24-28, 2011. With display and exhibitions from the weaving municipalities of Miag-ao, Oton, Igbaras, Dueñas and Badiangan, Iloilo on August 24-28 at the lower ground floor area fronting Toy Kingdom. Daily fashion shows starting on August 26 at the SM City activity center will feature Lexter Badaña for Habol Aninipay at 5 p.m.; a bag fashion show featuring St. Joseph School-Iloilo at 6 p.m. and Jet Salcedo for Hablon Moda at 7 p.m. August 27 will have Greg Sintin for Habol Ilonggo at 5 p.m.; the Napulak Ladies Circle of the municipality of Igbaras in their hablon fashion show at 6 p.m. and Sidney Eculla for Anyag at 7 p.m. The last day of the series of fashion shows will feature the Municipality of Oton in their hablon outfits at 6 p.m. and Jay Masangya for Piña Moda at 7 p.m.

This annual industry event is jointly organized by SM City Iloilo in cooperation with GMA-6 Iloilo, The News Today, Graphic etc. Printhaus, Iloilo Grand Hotel, New Asia Holidays Corporation, Golden Krafty Enterprises, IVQ Landholdings Inc., Beauty Dynamics Facial Care Center, Villa Darroca, Escas, Deocampos Barquillos, Biscocho Haus, Glecas Catering and Food Services and KRS Catering.

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