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Nature Adventure, Exploration and Education at GARINFARM in San Joaquin

Ecotourism is an increasingly emerging segment of the tourism industry which incorporates ideals from Nature Tourism, Cultural Tourism and Rural Tourism. It emphasizes on conservation, education, traveler responsibility and active community involvement.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

Garinfarm in San Joaquin was established so that the influence of ecotourism alongside it numerous adventure activities will create social economic growth and education will find their way closer to the local community. It was developed as potential and viable tourist destination and an alternative for the tourists who seek to enjoy the beauty of nature and value the environment that sustain it. It is a locally developed inland resort designed for outdoor recreation, education and adventure.

Garinfarm is also perfect venue for programs for the youth and adults as well as a variety of activities for a wide range of groups. This inland resort has all the adventure you need— on agriculture, leisure and pilgrimage.

Agriculture Area

When driving past beautiful historic churches throughout the south of the province or enjoying the day at the area’s seacoast, be sure your itinerary includes a stop at Iloilo’s main agri-tourism destination along the way. Garinfarm is positioned as an agricultural tourism destination. The inland resort is working to preserve the area as a viable economic agricultural entity. It practices organic farming.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

Upon entering the site, visitors are welcomed by the area’s agricultural section. It offers extensive farm attractions open to the public. These inland resort offer unique experiences to see, feel, and taste agriculture at its source.

Educational sites on farming techniques can be seen such as the section in Hydrophonics--- a standard technique in the study of biology and in research, it is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. It is said that almost any terrestrial plant will grow with hydroponics. Hydroponics is also a standard technique in biology research and teaching. Herb gardeners will find the section on vermiculture interesting as teaches visitors on composting using earthworms. It also creates no odor. It is in fact easily done inside the home as it takes only a small amount of room.

The section also has eight (8) layer houses with almost 12,000 chicken laying 10,000 eggs daily. It houses many farm animals where visitors can feed. It has demonstration areas on urban farming, outdoor Ilonggo farming and a bahay kubo.

Leisure Area

This section combines a number of activities and is great for children because it provides a variety of activities.

Soak up stunning mountain and ocean views of San Joaquin as you ride across and glide like a bird to its 600-meter zip-line adventure, the most popular adventure activity in the site. Elevated at an estimated 30 feet from its base, visitors can enjoy this thrill of a lifetime.

Let your kids be themselves while they enjoy many outdoor adventurous activities. The inland resort’s newest adventure mixes a beautiful ride on gentle ponies designed for kids with a maximum weight of 60 kilos. With the thrill of fun, goat cart rides are also available for kids.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

The novice and experienced boaters can get their feet wet by taking advantage of boat rides from pedal-boats, kayak and rubber inflatable boats. One can also go fishing as the area is stocked with tilapia where visitors are given rods and can pay for their day’s catch. What a great way to introduce a child you know to the world of fishing. Make plans with your child today to go fishing this summer.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

Swimming is an important lifelong skill and during the summer, for visitors who love to spend hot days splashing around in a pool, the site has a four feet deep pool for kids and 5.5 feet deep feet pool for adults.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

The area has a pavilion that can accommodate 300 persons and a canteen to cater to your gastronomic needs. It also sells Garinfarm-made products such as ice cream, bread and coco sugar.

And if you are looking for resort holiday accommodation in an area, Garinfarm has 20 units with individual landscaped miniature falls. It has four (4) single rooms good for two; four (4) family rooms good for six; and 12 standard rooms for four persons.


photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

Enjoy gorgeous mountain views while hiking up to and down from its 480-step viewing deck at the base of its 100-feet Blazing Cross. On your way to the steps from the main base, you will see nine life-sizes religious scenes from Creation until the Ascension of Christ. Visitors can also avail of golf carts on their way to and from the viewing deck.

Garinfarm provides outdoor adventures for corporations, youth groups, and social clubs. The possibilities are virtually endless. Traveling for an adventure is no longer an exclusive undertaking, but an alternative accessible to everyone. Most of the visitors discover a simple feeling of achievement: The exhilarating confidence gained from a new experience in Garinfarm remains long after the adventure ends.

When driving past scenic beaches, beautiful historic structures in San Joaquin or simply enjoying the day at the area’s seacoast, be sure your itinerary includes a stop at Iloilo’s main agri-tourism destination along the way. Whether guests seek relaxation or adventure, Garinfarm in San Joaquin, Iloilo offers a wealth of diversions.

Garinfarm in San Joaquin is 53 kilometers south from Iloilo City. It is situated in Purok 11, poblacion and opens daily from 8 am until 9 pm. Jeepneys from the city bring their passengers direct to the entrance of the resort. From the poblacion area of the town, it is an P8.00 tricycle ride to the area.

For more information, please call May or Bernie at (063-33) 3147555 direct to Garinfarm or call Mrs. Erlyn Alunan, Municipal Tourism Officer at 09179857804.

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