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Resort-hopping in Maasin

Also known as the bamboo capital of Iloilo, the mountainous municipality of Maasin is an agricultural community. This friendly, clean town in the west-central part of Iloilo Province is quite attractive, scenic route with a beautiful view of mountains from neighboring municipalities and provinces.

Maasin has its share in offering visitors amenities to round off their stay perfectly. Not far from the New Iloilo Airport in Cabatuan, it is a place to spend a few relaxing days.

The area around Maasin is mostly paved and good to drive on. Though fairly isolated, there are surprisingly a number of quiet, family-friendly inland resorts with lots of day trippers on weekends and where you can stay the night. Try one of these resorts for a pleasant change from the hectic of the city with prices that decidedly affordable. The atmosphere is friendly and homely, and rooms in the resorts are basic but pleasant and clean.

Visits to the following destinations make good trips from the city. A good rule for these resorts is to find your own way there. The resorts are not that far from the poblacion and you do not really need a guide.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes
photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

The Riverside Inland Resort in Barangay Naslo is a quiet inland resort with a reasonable fan room with a private bathroom and can hold 20 persons. There are two pools available to guests and is situated at the center of activity for the inland resort. Experience peace of mind as toddlers and kids enjoy the waters of their 8mx8m, 3-feet deep kiddie pool, boasting its water slides. Please note that children must be 4-feet or taller to ride the slides. It also has an 8mx16m, 6 feet deep adult pool. Swimming fee cost P50.00 for 12 hours. It has six (6) cottages that can hold up to 12 persons. Their new pavilion can hold 100 persons and the mini-pavilion can hold 60 persons. The resort is open daily from 7 a.m. till 9 p.m. Entrance fee cost P20.00. For more information, please call Miss Jusally Pelajo at 09991677153 or 09306359228.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

Whether you want a holiday full of relaxation, Villa Benedicta Hillside Resort caters for all tastes. Opened in 1998, this two-hectare inland resort is situated in an elevated land in Delgado Street, Barangay Delcar. One can chill out in its nicely set pools: a two-feet and four-feet deep pools for kids and a 6-feet main pool measuring 9mx18m for adults. Swimming fee is at P50.00 per person. The resort has an air-conditioned family room with a private bathroom that can accommodate 10-15 persons and two (2) single rooms with electric fan. It also has a pavilion that can accommodate 400 persons. For more information, please contact Mrs. Lumensita Cartagena at (033) 3330056 or 09061989066 and 09199311667. The resort opens daily from 8 a.m. till 11 p.m.

ziplining is a popular activity in this resort, photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

Villa Teresita Resthauz Bamboo Resort and Adventure Park in Barangay Tubang is a beautifully landscaped area with grounds that features a play area perfect for summer adventures such as swimming, horseback riding, fishing and zip-lining. Villa Teresita makes the perfect retreat after a day at the nearby attractions. It has an air-conditioned family room; a pavilion that can accommodate 300 persons perfect for important family occasions. An intimate office meeting, training and seminar is perfect on its mini pavilion good for 50 persons. Cottages are also available for that fun group outing. The resort opens at 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. daily with an entrance fee of P20.00 per person. For more information please call 09095012398 or 09488700200.

The municipality of Maasin is 29.5 kilometers away from Iloilo City or an hour jeepney-ride from Ungka Terminal II beside Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippine Office. It is said that the town of Maasin got its name from the salt springs in Sitio Pait found in Barangay Magsaysay, a kilometer away from the poblacion. Early settlers frequent the spring for their supply of salt.

Composed of 50 barangays, it is bounded in the north-east by the town of Janiuay; the municipality of Cabatuan in the east; in the south by the town of Alimodian, and; north-west by the mountain ranges of the Province of Antique. For more information, please contact Mr. Roy Bermudo at (033) 3960604 or 09189377443.


  1. hi! just wanna ask if the picture in riverside inland resort is real? coz i saw in the website of Maasin is quite different from the picture on the website. thanks!

    1. Hi, pat, thanks for dropping by. Yup, it was the day when i had my interview of the caretaker to write this article, Vincent Gefes, our official photographer an employee of the capitol is always with me to document the different attractions in the various towns of Iloilo.

  2. i see.. well thanks for the info coz for a second i got really confused whether the photo above 'riverside inland resort' is authentic coz the photo on the Maasin website is totally different from what you have there, its like an undeveloped resort. do you have other pictures of the resort? maybe the rooms perhaps? thanks!

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  4. The first two pictures thats villa benedicta


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