Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tourism in Leganes Tap Sailing Boom through the Annual Biray-Paraw Celebration

The 7th annual Biray-Paraw Celebration in Leganes will start with a mix of activities on Sunday morning, July 1, 2012. The celebration will open with a coastal clean-up at 6 a.m. to be followed by a short program at the site. The race or Palumba Paraw follows and after the race activity returns, the much-anticipated biray-biray follows.  

Leganes’ annual Biray-Paraw is a municipal tradition.  Visitors and locals alike take to a beach resort for great competition and celebration.  This year, the ‘action’ takes place at Riannes Beach Resort in Barangay Camangay on the coast road in town.  There is an official opening and closing ceremony.

Leganes has long attracted local visitors to its annual religious festivity, Saad every April which are famous around Iloilo. What is less well known is that it is also a sailing destination in Iloilo.

Celebrating 7 years this year, the Annual Biray-Paraw offers a day of skilled races and festivities. Competitions include a sailing event and the traditional biray-biray or sailing.  

Local tourists are also drawn to the municipality of Leganes by its beautiful coastal scenery. Regular sailing visitors and spectators even coming from different tourism schools in the city have been captivated by the area’s scenic backdrop.

Biray-biray is a popular pastime of Leganesnons on its clean banks where the gentle water and gutsy sea breezes create ideal conditions. It has become a tremendously exciting recreation activity for Ilonggos to enjoy their good holidays; explore the coastal area and eating fresh local produce.

CPU and San Agustin sophomore tourism students enjoyed the biray for free courtesy of the municipal government of Leganes thru its municipal tourism office

For a minimal fee, visitors can pay for a ride to experience biray-biray. Life vests are provided to all who wish to join in the fun and adventure. Enthusiasts are attracted by the chance to learn technical skills in the exposed sea and around the Leganes. They even get a group together and enjoy the day in a friendly rivalry on the water. It is on this day that seafaring lovers can embark on a self-sail holiday around one of the safest and most picturesque cruising grounds nearest to the city of Iloilo.

Many witness and participate in the annual Biray-Paraw celebration and had been growing every year. Leganes is banking on the benefits this leisure activity brings to its economy. It sets out the economic case for local tourism for this town to get involved in the market to be able to outline a more practical steps aimed at growing sailing-related businesses. Although sailing tourism is currently not generating that much for this town’s local economy,  it is set to become one of the fastest growing activity for Leganes tourism.

Biray-Paraw is celebrated annually on a permanent basis, without a doubt boosting the tourism industry and helps generate a tourism platform that will allow Leganes to take advantage and maximize its coastlines while steering promotional efforts and diversified activities towards those less explored such as this nautical sport.

So, take the helm, set the sails and explore the coast around Leganes for it will surely be an adventure of a lifetime.

This quiet and progressive town is one of the 19 coastal towns of the Province. Leganes is subdivided by 18 barangays where the area has successfully combined modern living and rural ambiance to its residents. It is also home to modern residential villages, but has preserved its rustic appeal especially on its coastal barangays.

To get to Leganes, one can take a 20-minuter jeepney ride from Jaro Plaza. For more information, please contact, Mr. Jerry Anas, Municipal Tourism Officer at 09127721033.

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