Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Complete Solitude and Absolute Luxury at Sheridan Boutique Resort in Oton

The province of Iloilo also offers a wide range of accommodations for visitors from every budget bracket. On the frugal side of the spectrum you will find camping grounds set in a resort---a wonderful way to experience Iloilo’s pristine beauty in the most intimate and personal way. Clean and adequate mid-range resorts are also prevalent throughout the area offering cozy accommodations with a personal touch. Luxury resorts are not in short supply, particularly in the ever-trendy Ilonggos.

The Sheridan Boutique Resort is Iloilo’s newest resort destination. It is a cozy boutique Resort hidden away in the secluded barangay of Buray in the peaceful municipality of Oton, Iloilo. Only a 20-minuter drive from the city, the boutique resort is just a few meters away from the alternate route on the right side of the road before reaching the Batiano Bridge.

This 1.5 hectare boutique resort consists of beautifully-designed structures not taller than a coconut tree. Dramatically decorated with dark, rich wood and connected with immaculately groomed walkways, its intimate setting is what visitors to this place can expect.

This resort destination would not be complete if the outdoor area is not well-designed, too. The area is filled with beautifully-landscaped yards with a specific selection of trees, ornamental plants and flowers. Its Asian landscaping offers a very structured, elegant style that focuses on the wildness of nature with a tamed, calm center space where guests can relax. 

The area also includes koi ponds rife with lily pads. Curved bridges span the pond. Under the trees are shrubs and grasses of varying sizes, planted and allowed to grow together into a colorful mass. 

The picture-perfect setting of its Ayanna Garden Restaurant opens daily at 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. and at 6 p.m. till 10 p.m. and dinner with meals prepared using as much local produce as possible creating exquisite culinary delights that will surprise any discerning taste bud. Enjoy private dining at its air-conditioned restaurant that offers a unique luxury dining experience. As a lifestyle property, the restaurant provides the easy, relaxed ambience of Iloilo in an opulent and elegant setting.

They also have an area for relaxation with a touch of nature as everyone would actually like that for the atmosphere under the sky that is certainly better than that under the roof. Swim in comfort and style to its soothing Azure Infinity Pool with great landscaping and comfortable seating areas that opens from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Celebrate your next important event at Wilfredo’s Garden Pavilion that can carry 300-350 persons. It is this boutique resort’s private getaway from the regular activities in the area and noise. Combining nature and structures is all about.

Setting a standard of lavish comfort, this boutique resort will soon open its 10-appointed two-bedroom suites to the public. The smallest details have been carefully crafted to provide every guest with every comfort and luxury available, making its suites as one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying experiences ever.

It is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to simply kick back on vacation, stretched out in pool chairs with a good book or frosty drink in hand. What better way to escape the stress and responsibilities of everyday life than with a boutique resort stay at Sheridan.

Lose yourself in the vibrant beauty and captivating allure of Sheridan Boutique Resort where the comfort and convenience of their guests is always their top priority. For more information, log on to their website: or send email: or call the resort at 09173077642 and look for Alysan.

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