Monday, August 13, 2012

Eco-Friendly Experiences in the Sweet City of Passi

Passi City has carved out a name for itself as a destination for travelers seeking eco-friendly experiences in the province of Iloilo. The city provides travelers with an abundance of attractions about everything from organic restaurants to nature tourism and its cultural experiences. Its local government has gone further than just informing travelers about the variety of eco-friendly experiences available in the area, it has also helped raise awareness of Passi City as a visitor destination and eco-tourism experiences will increase visitors to its local eco-tourism attractions.

Come and visit Passi City and gain a greater appreciation for caves. It has 16 caves for those who wish to increase the depth of appreciation and understanding for visitors in the area. They offer both self exploring and guided opportunities. Whichever method of exploring the caves you choose, you are bound to be fascinated by this amazing underground world in the heart of Passi City.

the suspended bridge on the way to the cave with CPU tourism sophomore students 
for Tumandok 2012-Passi City group

The most popular cave in the area is an adventure to Dila-Dila Cave in Barangay Bita-ogan, 13 kilometers tricycle ride from the poblacion of the city. Getting to the area is fun, exciting and adventurous. Access to the cave is passing through rice fields and sugarcane fields. One has to pass through over a sturdy bridge about a foot in width just before a slope leading to a stream before getting to the cave entrance.

The cave is largely undeveloped and kept in a natural state.  Exploring its passage way will both challenge cave explorers physically and mentally. Compared to other caves, it is on the smaller size. In order to navigate through this cave, one is required to squeeze in, over and under through its narrow and dark passageway while submerging into the waist-deep water inside. It is a great experience able to show cavern enthusiasts something natural and unique. With nice cool air inside make it a great stop on a hot day. This cave tour is not for children and the elderly or those with limited mobility may have difficulty on the trails or in this cave.

Going organic was a bit hard in the past, especially when looking for products that we need for a total lifestyle change.  Others resort to making their own products because there was none available. With a growing consciousness for a healthier lifestyle, at least now we have it easier. 

MIDWAY in Barangay Bacuranan, 4.5 kilometers from the poblacion is a one stop organic and environmental shop, supplying fresh fruit and vegetables, dried goods, toiletries, organic skin-care. With a land area of almost 3 hectares, it is nearly all here, and if it is not just ask and they will endeavor to source it. They have been growing their fruit and vegetables and treating the property almost organically and using the biodynamic preparations for two years now.

It has a public organic farm that combines education, recreation and nature appreciation. Visitors can explore the farm on their own or with a guided tour upon request. It has a greenhouse with plant nurseries of popular local fruit-bearing trees such as atis, chico, duhat or lumboy, durian, guava, papaya, jackfruit, lansones, mangosteen, marang, santol, sambag, pomelo, rambutan, dalandan, bananas and mangoes. They also grow lettuce, basil, tomatoes, cucumber, rosemary and thyme.

The area also boasts of its fresh market and restaurant where it serves breakfast meals, lunch and snacks only. It also has a convenient store and pasalubong center. Everyone will surely enjoy its garden cottages built closely around its garden of fruits and vegetables, fishpond, chicken house and its mini-aviary. Midway has spacious parking areas, a very clean restroom and is wi-fi ready. Midway opens daily from 7 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. only.

Rosary Herbal Products in F. Palmares Street believes in the immense value of providing an alternative to mainstream medicine and have discovered that consumers agree with them. The company uses 90-98% organic herbs that are commonly found in farms, mountains and forest. Indigenous people attest the use of these herbs remedy their sickness and pains. Pharmaceutical chemicals used are very minimal, just as the base for the preparations of their products. Popular products are the Balanyos, Passi Herbal Vaporub, RHP Skin Disease Ointment, Q.C. Herbal Candle, Women Papaya Herbal Soap, Womean Herbal Bath Soap, Nature Herbal Lotion and Glutathione Soap. For more information, please call Ma. Tessie S. Pagay at telephone number (033) 3315186 or at 09208912095.

the CPU sophomore tourism students for TUMANDOK 2012-Passi City group

By promoting Passi City and its values, with respect towards its attractions and supporting its local produce, not only we help sustain Passi City’s local economy, but also share the richness of the area. Know more about Passi City at the 8th Tumandok on September 4-8, fountain area of Robinsons Place Iloilo. For more information, please contact Mae Pojol-Buenaflor-City Tourism Officer at 09213543537 or at (033) 3116072.

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