Thursday, August 30, 2012

Iloilo Province Celebrates Tourism Month with the 8th Tumandok

University of San Agustin tourism students at the Janiuay cemetery for their Tuamndok field work

The Iloilo Provincial Government through the Office of Culture, Arts, History and Tourism with the Department of Trade and Industry, the Iloilo Tourism Officers Association, Business Counselors League of Iloilo and Robinsons Place Iloilo will hold TUMANDOK: Iloilo Product Expo at the fountain area and ground circle of Robinsons Mall on September 3-8, 2012.

Tumandok, is local Hiligaynon term means “a native of,” is the annual tourism month celebration of Iloilo Province that will bring together attractions, products and culture in which participating municipalities of Iloilo province partner with tourism students from different tourism universities in the city.

trying their hand at Nang Palang's Buco Pie in Oton with the University of San Agustin tourism students

The municipalities of Anilao, Ajuy, Badiangan, Banate, Barotac Viejo, Batad, Duenas, Dumangas, Guimbal, Igbaras, Janiuay, Lambunao, Leganes, Miagao, Oton, San Joaquin, Tigbauan and Passi City with tourism students from the College of Hospitality Management of Central Philippine University, College of Arts and Sciences-Tourism Management of the University of San Agustin and the College of Management and Accountancy of the University of Iloilo-PHINMA will be this year’s participating exhibitors.

CPU tourism students inside Mari-it Conservation Park in Lambunao

Months prior to the event, tourism students were exposed on field to document the different attractions of their assigned municipalities. The planning stage involved meetings with their tourism officers and various tourism stakeholders as to prepare them for their promotional activities during the event. The festive display and selling components of the event in both the fountain and ground circle areas of the mall are attention-getting initiatives of participating partner municipal tourism offices and students manning the areas.

The celebration starts on September 3 with the soft opening of the OTOP (One-Town-One-Product) Fair by the Department of Trade and Industry at the ground circle of the mall. The booth exhibits will open on September 4 at the fountain area at 4 p.m. with an opening ceremony featuring tourism key players from different government agencies with a musical performance from Ritmo Tambores by Tribulandia Arts and Crafts. A mini-fashion featuring Project Zero, Nautilus tarp bags by International Lifestyle Designer, PJ Aranador will hit the runway on that afternoon.

September 6 at 4 p.m. will feature the tourism students as they sashay on the runway with Tumandok accessory fashion show featuring the woven products of Miagao, Oton, Badiangan, Duenas and Janiuay. A cultural presentation on September 7 will showcase the indigenous people of Sitio Nagpana in Barotac Viejo. The closing ceremony will be on September 8.

The Provincial Tourism Office with the Department of Trade and Industry will exert every effort to ensure the success of this undertaking as it firmly supports the various tourism program of Iloilo province anchored with its mission of generating a living for every Ilonggos through tourism. So it should come as no surprise that when it is time for promoting Iloilo, the provincial and municipal government do not waste a single minute. 

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