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Experience Real Island Village Life in Homestay Barangay Lantangan, Carles

island boy in Barangay Lantangan, Gigantes Sur, Carles, Iloilo, photo by Bombette G. Marin

Have you ever been interested to stay in a Homestay environment when you travel around, especially in Iloilo? With Homestay, you will be able to travel within a very reasonable budget and learn new things such as the culture, habits, and customs of your host.

For many people especially foreign tourists, homestay is the best way to take part in cross-cultural understanding. Especially in Iloilo, where culture is diverse and customs they have not seen, encountered, or experienced, experiencing homestay is the best choice.

Lantangan shoreline, Carles, Iloilo, photo by Bombette G. Marin

Vacation in the Philippines from the months of March till May is an ideal time to escape and enjoy a peaceful and fun filled time not only for yourself but with your loved ones. Iloilo is an ideal vacation destination known for its culture, incredible scenery and warm and friendly people and choosing to stay in the area is a wonderful and convenient way for you to experience what this magnificent province and city has to offer.

Most often, tourists who choose to live in commercialized areas miss out on a truly enriching experience that can be found in the rural areas. Only a homestay experience gives travelers a real, wholesome glimpse into what truly makes Iloilo unique.

Although Homestay is a concept not popular in Iloilo and is seldom found anywhere in the area; it is an experiment of the Northern Iloilo Growth Corridor of the Iloilo Provincial Government to help tourists especially backpackers to experience the real village way of life in the northern island villages.  The area offers accommodation for visitors under the Homestay concept enabling them to live village life fist-hand.  This program is run by private home and resort owners in the area.

serene beach area of Lantangan, Carles, Iloilo, photo by Bombette G.Marin

The island-beaches of Carles is one of the most popular beachside towns in Iloilo. Here is where you will be able to enjoy the sun, sea and sand as well as affordable accommodation around. For those of you who are traveling on a budget and would like to stay in proper homes instead of rooms, Homestay in the area offers a good choice. This is where you will be staying not far from the beach while enjoying a convenient place.

Visitors housed with their host families in the island villages, which will allow them to capture the real essence of island-village life in a new and distinct way.  You will surely be mesmerized by the simple lives of the village people, living in traditional houses.  The accommodations are provided and managed by their respective owners, which means each house defines the owner’s personality and offers a different perspective into their village life.

Presently, there are 19 houses available, with a total of 36 rooms are at hand.  The meals, planned in advance are prepared by the hosts, which consists of local dishes for visitors. 

Lantangan playground, photo by Bombette G. Marin
The sun-kissed beaches await you in Barangay Lantangan, Gigntes Sur which is among the populated island beaches in Carles. Homestay in the area provides rooms only within walking distance to the beach. From here, it is located in the vicinity of major public amenities in the island like sari-sari stores and eating places. Rates start from P150.00 per person per night. Getting around the island is by single motorcycle charging P15.00 per person.

Staying at the Lantangan Homestay would allow you to set base before heading out to the waters and beach side and where you can visit the nearby island attractions. With beautiful sea in the foreground and rigged hills as the back drop, this island-barangay is a perfect retreat for those who wish to experience Homestay in the island. 

photo by Bombette G. Marin

The municipality of Carles is 146 kilometers away or a 3-hour bus or van ride from the city. To get to Barangay Lantangan, Gigantes Sur, one can take an hour and 45 minutes motorized boat ride from Estancia Feeder Port at a fee of P75.00 per passenger. To get to Estancia, one must take an air-conditioned bus at Tagbak Terminal in Jaro, Iloilo City. Public passenger motorized boats ply from and to the island only once a day, normally at around 1 p.m. Motorized boat good for 45 and 80 persons can be privately arranged. For more information regarding Homestay in the area, please contact Deocadez Homestay c/o Allan Deocadez at 09305117805, Gelvezon Homestay c/o Lanie Gelvezon at 09103520349, Nash Homestay c/o Nea Lumontad at 09128275524. For more information on Homestay in other parts of Carles, please call the Office of Culture, Arts, History and Tourism of the Iloilo Provincial Government at telefax (033) 3384910.

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