Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Oasis of Greenery at EPHRATHAH

Ephrathah pavilion and dormitory

Natural farming is a culture where plants are grown in 100% natural environment with the least human interference and no harmful chemicals or synthetic products used. It is practically leaving the crops grow and produce in their natural environment, and man comes enhances the natural conditions to improve productivity.

The potential of the Ilonggo market for organic products is under-explored and the sector has immense growth opportunities with a good following taking to healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyles.

one of the major oranic produce of the farm, the dragon fruit

Organic agriculture continues to expand rapidly in Iloilo as these products continue to enter the mainstream retail trade.  Major food manufacturers are developing organic product lines and food service sales on organic produce in restaurants, canteens and other institutions are also increasing. Personal care, household products, etc. are also gaining market shares with organic produce.

The Cańoto family headed by Engineer Eddie Cańoto started working for the farm that bordered their property. He learned to farm using organic and sustainable methods that would mean applying environmentally sound and sustainable eco-organic cultivation with no chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides etc. ever used on the farm or in the nursery.

Farming over almost 9 hectares in the Barangay of Sariri, Badiangan, Iloilo, EPHRATHAH Farm is committed to organic and sustainable agriculture. The farm seeks to inspire a natural life style that cares for the environment.

red lady papaya organically grown in the farm

Organic agriculture is intended to produce high quality, nutritious food that contributes to the preventive health care and well-being of individuals. And that the use of fertilizers, pesticides, animal drugs and food additives that may have adverse health effects should be avoided.

pickled indian mango

As organic growers, the farm has gained new respect for the beauty and complexity of the natural system of growing. For the health of people and the environment, Ephrathah is committed to increase the production and availability of their organically grown produce. New doors have opened. Growing organically is a very rewarding experience for the Cańoto Family.

Ephrathah Farm is presently adding value to their organic produce at the production level, processing and even in packaging. It has been producing organic rice such as SL-8H, pink, black and violet varieties; fresh fruits such as the rare dragon fruit and red lady papaya as well as herbal plants and forage.

Other products of the farm include tilapia, pangasius and catfish. The farm also takes pride of their pickled red lady papaya, pickled indian mango and the very refreshing Ephrathah juice that is a mixture of lemongrass, malunggay, ginger, calamansi and basil leaves.

The farm is also carefully selecting their distribution channels. Presently, they are supplying their organic produce to Central Philippine University for use in their dormitories and canteen.

Marketing, promotion and communication is also given much emphasis by the farm. Before the end of this year, the farm will be open to public for daily visits. Adding to their attraction of organic produce, the farm will open its facilities such as its mini-hotel, swimming pool, pavilion, restaurant and shop.

Whether in farming, processing, distribution, or consumption, the basic role of organic agriculture is to sustain and enhance the health of ecosystems and organisms from the smallest in the soil to human beings. 

For more information please contact Engr. Eddie Cańoto at 09273302191 or the Office of Culture, Arts, History and Tourism – Iloilo Province at telefax (033) 3384910.

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