Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kite Day at Tamasak Festival

Dedicated to the promotion and support of all kinds of sports, the Tamasak Festival of Barotac Nuevo is aimed at introducing to its people to the fun of engaging in sports; to experience thrilling moments of sports competition and fitness entertainment; and how sports can be used as an educational tool.

Opened in February 24 till March 1, Tamasak Festival is organized by the Committee on Tourism and Trade, Commerce and Industry headed by Hon. Nonel Gemora and selected community oriented citizens dedicated to the presenting of a well-balanced series of events that encourages participation on all levels. 

The festivity is a week-long sports and music festival that celebrates community, athletics and local business. The festival showcases the unique culture of Barotac Nuevo.

Tamasak Festival opened in February 24 (Friday) and will run till the 1st (Saturday) of March.  Series of special events include the Food Festival running the whole week-long activity at the FIFA Football Grounds in Barangay Tabucan and BN Town Plaza Covered Gym.  Day 1 was also highlighted with the Borador Flying Contest at the FIFA Football Grounds in Barangay Tabucan; Basketball Friendship Game on February 25 at the BN Covered Gym; February 26 at 7:30 a.m. will open with the Tamasak Festival Parade and Laro ng Lahi at Barangay Acuit and Ilaud Poblacion; Speed Horse Race in Barangay Acuit at 9 a.m. on February 26; Endurance Horse Race at Casa Fiammetta, Barangay Tabucan at 8 a.m. on February 27; February 28 will highlight Tri-sikad Responsible Racing in Casa Fiammetta, Barangay Tabucan at 2:30 p.m.; Country Music Singing Contest Eliminations and Finals at the FIFA Football Grounds, Barangay Tabucan at 6 p.m.; March 1 will pave way for the Mayor Hernan D. Biron Sr. Football Cup at the BN Football Field simultaneous with the Mayor Hernan D. Biron Sr. Taekwondo Championship at the BN Covered Gym.

Keep your eyes to the skies for the Tamasak Festival Borador Flying Contest. Kites will be soaring through the sky for all to see. Kite-flying event is an important feature of the festival and the opening day is celebrated as the kite-flying day. Kite-flying at the FIFA Football Grounds in Barangay Tabucan is an extraordinary day for Barotacnons. It draws expert kite-makers and flyers from the different barangays of the town and also from around Iloilo.  Kite enthusiasts show off their stunt skills and compete for awards. Kite flying is one of the most popular events of the festival.

Everyone, especially kids just love kites. Choosing the right kite and understanding a few basic tips, you can avoid most of the frustrations, and provide hours of simple, inexpensive fun for your kids and for yourself. One thing that will help you ensure success in flying a kite is to know ahead of time where you plan to fly. Safety is of utmost importance in picking a kite field, and the FIFA Football Ground is perfect venue. 

In sharing kite flying to friends and family, the more fun it becomes and kids in particular will have more fun and want to fly longer. Consider having a second kite handy and invite a friend along when you head out to the kite field.

The people of Barotac Nuevo are inviting everyone to join them for this one-of-a-kind celebration that brings their community together in a fantastic and dynamic way. Tamasak Festival is Iloilo’s number one spot for all of the athletes in your family. Bring the whole family and enjoy everything that the Barotac Nuevo can offer you.

For more information about the festival, please contact Hon. Nonel Gemora – SB on Tourism and Trade, Commerce and Industry at 09082276719.

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