Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Northern Sun and Exotic Island Beach Destination in Ajuy

Barangay Silagon, Sitio Agua Bendita, Ajuy, Iloilo, photo by Bombette G. Marin

Top of the agenda for many visitors in Iloilo are the island beaches in the north, and rightly so. Northern Iloilo undisputedly has some of the best beaches in the region. Iloilo's best beaches are found on its islands. You could easily spend weeks travelling in the islands and just visiting the beaches.

Salog Gamay, Ajuy, Iloilo, photo by Bombette G. Marin

The fishing and agricultural town of Ajuy, Iloilo is quite a remote area with few popular island beaches, few restaurants, but no hotels. Whether in the mainland or islands slightly further, Ajuy offers relaxation and tranquility as well as recreation for everyone. The town may not have huge islands but there are a number of the beautiful islands that offer white sand and waters of green and blue and few tourists visit. Plan on a whole day as the travel time is about an hour and a half each way.

Salog Gamay, Ajuy, Iloilo,
photo by Bombette G. Marin
A day trip to Sitio Salog Gamay in Barangay Punta Buri is a fun activity for first-time visitor in Ajuy. It is an island that is off the main tourist track about 10 kilometers or a 45-minutes motorized boat ride from Barangay Morocoro wharf. The island is approximately 73 hectares with 51 households. With no tourist amenities, however, the island only offer a place where you can hang a hammock and lean back, enjoy the sound of the waves without crowds ruining the peace and quiet. It has a great beach that is laid back and perfect for relaxing and taking it easy. It has soft creamy sand and tranquil, clear water that make it an ideal spot for families with young children. Though traces of the recent typhoon can be seen around the area Visitors can find good recreational swimming, snorkeling and boating around, or simply just finding a spot on the pristine beach and enjoy the gentle sound of the waves. The island is contiguous to the more popular Salog Dako.

Agua Bendita, Ajuy, Iloilo, photo by Bombette G. Marin

If you want a perfect place to embark on a wonderful sightseeing trip and long to relax and enjoy the stunning island surroundings in solitude then Barangay Silagon, Sitio Agua Bendita is for you. The area is a family-friendly location known for its exquisite scenery, swimming and fishing. It is secluded and quiet. It has one of the most stunning views in Ajuy and it is worth going there and appreciate just how beautiful it is with its turquoise waters and backdrop of mountains. It is a small beach barangay with very minimal tourists and activities. But those in search of water sports can still find plenty to keep them amused. It is around 2 kilometers away from Salog Gamay, the island’s growth of tourism had been slow due to lack of infrastructure and transportation difficulties. But for those who can get there, it will surely take your breath away.

Summer season may soon be officially over but who says that we must stop going to the beach? If beaches with few tourists are your thing, the island beaches of Ajuy will definitely suit you. Choosing among them is a difficult task, but you will get to the same result: all of them will take your breath away.

Ajuy has a land area of 19,346 hectares divided into 34 barangays. It is a seashore and agricultural town. It has 4,400 hectares of forest area which in effect drains water to 16 creeks and rivers as its source of irrigation to its agricultural lands. It is 91.9 kilometers away from Iloilo City.

To get to Ajuy, busses are available daily at the Northern Central Iloilo Transport Terminal, Inc. in Barangay Tagbak, Jaro, Iloilo City. For more information, please call Jocelyn Maalat, Municipal Tourism Officer-OIC at 09177037666 or 09177992521.


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