Friday, March 6, 2015

Organic Adventure in Orchard Valley

herbal garden
Organic farming in Iloilo is considered a fragmented industry that is still young with its high cost of marketing the value of organic foods and farming and the high cost of consumer engagement. However, Architect Johnny O. Que committed to this agricultural segment. He believed that healthy plants mean healthy people, and such better nourished plants provide better nourishment to people and animals alike and that organic farming is a viable and beneficial alternative; for you, your family and the environment.

Architect Que has been practising organic farming since 1999 promoting biodiversity, biological cycle and soil biological activity.   Using the waste of plants and animals, the architect has developed a mixed garden of vegetables, provisions and various herbs.

Established in 2002 in Barangay Tigum, Pavia, Iloilo is a 31-hectare organic farm where vegetables, herbs, fruits and livestock are grown. The Orchard Valley, Incorporated was materialized with its goal of promoting and creating awareness on organic farming methods. In 2011, it became the first and only certified organic farm in Iloilo certified by NICERT (Negros Island Certification). It is also another major step taken towards responsible tourism especially in towns identified as Agri-Tourism areas.

Facilities in the property include a 24 hectare organic farm subdivided into: (a) 4 hectares for Vegetable Production such as Chinese cabbage lettuce, herbs, fruit vegetables like eggplant, ocra or lady’s finger, chilli peppers tomatoes, squash and carrots; (b) 7 hectares for Fruit Production which include red lady papaya and banana (saba, cavindish, lakatan and murado); (c) 5 hectares for Grains and Cereals Production which includes rice, corn, mungbean or monggo, soybean and peanut, and (d) 4 hectares for Livestock and Poultry Production which include cows, pigs, goats, chicken, geese and ducks. They are also into milk production, composting and honey culture from European honeybees.

Fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in our farms are free of chemicals and pesticides. These organic fruits and vegetables are grown primarily for consumption by public served and sold at all Iloilo Supermart branches in the city and served in Coffeebreak outlets. Any surplus crops are sold to the public during their visit to the farm.

Organic farming is slowly growing as an agricultural segment in the province of Iloilo. In the region, the province of Negros Occidental leads other provinces in certified organic lands with acres producing organic fruit and vegetables. They engaged in numerous scientific studies on the benefits of organic farming and strategies organic farmers can use to build more profitable farm businesses.

compost area

Agriculture and tourism are among the government’s priority investments areas in the country and with Orchard Valley, Inc., we hope to see more organic farms in the province in the years to come.

10-hectare pasture area

The Orchard Valley, Inc. conducts guided farm tours for visiting groups from schools and institutions to publically share its knowledge of vegetable grown in their organic farms. It is open for tours from Mondays till Saturdays, for all ages, families and group sizes where they learn about the culture of organic foods and the beauty of sustainable farming. Farm tours are to be booked a week in advance. Government Institutions and private companies are charged P100 as entrance fee and P50 will be charged for educational institutions. The farm can accommodate a maximum of 120 persons per tour visit. By booking in advance, visitors can sample fresh organic vegetables and fruits in season. They could also buy some of the home-grown vegetables and herbs. 

native pigs

Come visit The Orchard Valley, Inc. in Pavia. Visitors can use the organic farm as a base from which to visit many backyard industries in Pavia. For first-time visitors, tricycles are available in Pavia Public Plaza at P50 (exclusively occupied) or visitors can also take the tricycle at Save More in Barangay Quintin Salas, Jaro at P20 per person.

Interested parties may contact Miss Anabelle Jarbadan at 09228923415 to make appointments for the organic farm tour.


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