Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fashion Revolution for Francis Ian Chua

Fashion Designer Francis Ian Chua
One of the very few local designers who has taken an ancient art form and put it in the hands of the masses in a way that is revolutionary is Francis Ian Chua. A native of Tanza, Iloilo City, Chua is among the local fashion industry’s most game-changing designers.

A featured designer in one of the mall shows way in 2003, Chua’s involvement in the 2012 Indigenous Fiber Fashion Fair was an overwhelming moment for him to bring forth the unique workmanship of local weavers from Barangay Salngan in Oton, Iloilo through his designs. He embodied his eclectic style combining street grunge with metallic elements using hablon. His fusion line had a distinct blend of futuristic art and culture and was eager to present his amazing work for the Ilonggos to see.

Chua will once again showcase his collections in Hablon Moda for the 8th Indigenous Fiber Fashion Fair on August 26 (Wednesday) at 5 p.m., SM City Event Center. HIs design philosophy for this year’s show is to transform hablon pieces into clothes that are flexible, comfortable and wearable. This year, he favoured bright colored hablon fabrics with fine thin checkered outline in gold and silver rotex. The same weavers from Barangay Salngan, Oton has created the fabrics. The designer wanted to make something that brings together the best from the past, adapt it to the present and create a dream for the future.

The Indigenous Fiber Fashion Fair is annually observed since 2008 to generate awareness about the importance of our handloom industry which is part of Iloilo’s rich heritage and culture. The industry is a source of livelihood to large sections of rural population particularly women, in addition to being a part of our rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Currently working fulltime as the Banquet Supervisor for Amigo Terrace Hotel, the designer graduated with a degree in Broadcast Communication and Management at the University of the Philippines in the Visayas. Started designing in High School of the same University, his first clients were his classmates.

Chua suggested that to boost the growth of handloom fabrics, there is a need to popularise handlooms among the youth.  And that the annual celebration of the fiber fair would generate awareness about the importance of handloom industry as a part of our rich heritage and culture, promote handloom products and lead to increase in income of weavers as well as enhance their confidence and pride.

The month of August will highlight the 8th Indigenous Fiber Fashion Fair on August 24-28 at the Event Center of SM City Iloilo. in celebration of the handloom month, daily shows beginning August 24 (Monday) will showcase Miagao LGU at 4 p.m. and ANYAG featuring Ram Silva at 5p.m.; August 25 (Tuesday) will feature HABOL ANINIPAY with Jose Marcial Luigi Escullar at 5 p.m.; August 26 (Wednesday) opens HABLON MODA featuring Francis Ian Chua at 5 p.m.; August 27 (Thursday) will highlight John Montinola in HABOL ILONGGO at 5 p.m.; August 28 (Friday) will have PRECIOSA with Sidney Eculla to close the event show at 5 p.m.

The 8th Indigenous Fiber Fashion Fair is brought to you by the Office of Culture, Arts, History and Tourism of the Iloilo Provincial Government and SM City Iloilo. It is also brought to you by Iloilo Science and Technology University, Department of Trade and Industry, Iloilo Models Guild (IMG), John Montinola and The Daily Guardian.

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