Monday, April 25, 2016

Sandiya Growers and Financiers Day for Katagman Festival in Oton

The people of Oton hope you are making plans to join them on May 2, 2016 at the Municipal Grounds, 1 p.m. as the tradition of the Sandiya Festival continues in 2016 with the Sandiya Growers and Financiers Day.  

The event is part of the annual Katagman Festival beginning April 28th (Thursday) till May 3rd (Tuesday). There will be something for everyone in the vendor area and special events and entertainment throughout the day for the children in this very friendly and sweet rural town.

Come see watermelon activities that will surely provide plenty of entertainment, laughter and fun for everyone. Do not forget the old fashioned watermelon weighing, catching, eating and carving contests for all ages. Enjoy reminiscing about yesteryear in this old-fashioned special event during the festival in the heart of Oton.

Sandiya or Watermelon, also known as “pakwan” in Filipino had long been a calling card for Oton. The Festival itself dates back nine years ago by LGU Oton through its Municipal Agriculture’s Office in partnership with Oton Watermelon Grower’s Association (OWGA) and East-West Seed Company Incorporated staged a one-day festivity each year.

Watermelon is grown commercially in lowland areas after rice harvest. The fruit differ in shapes, colors and sizes and are often grouped according to these characteristics.

In Oton complementary growing season at three times a year provide the people in the area ample supply of watermelon. Thanks to East-West Seed Company that distributes high-quality watermelon seeds and continues to give farmers better seeds for better yields.

Considered to be one of the most powerful, body-healing fruits, watermelon has amazing health benefits covering everything from our brain all the way to the cells in our feet:

1.   Watermelons have lycopene that is very important for our cardiovascular 
          health and an important factor in promoting bone health.

2.   Watermelons have citrulline shown to reduce the accumulation of fat in 
          our fat cells.

    3.   Watermelons have anti-inflamatory and anti-oxidant support elements 
      through its rich iphenolic compounds like flavonoids, carotenoids, and 

4.   Watermelon is a natural diuretic which helps increase the flow of urine, but 
          does not strain our kidneys.

    5.   Watermelon is rich in potassium that helps regulate the action of nerves             and muscles in our body.

    6.   When fully riped, watermelons have an alkaline-forming and  eating lots 
      of alkaline-forming foods can help reduce your risk of developing disease 
      and illness caused by a high-acid diet.

7.   Watermelon is a wonderful source of beta-carotene when converted in 
          the body becomes vitamin A that helps produce the pigments in the retina 
          of our eye and protects against age-related macular degeneration as well 
          as prevents night blindness.

8.   Watermelons have very high vitamin C content.

There is something for all ages with this year’s Sandiya Growers and Financiers Day for the 2016 Katagman Festival, so come join us for a little taste of summertime fun.

Oton is a First Class municipality. Approximately 10.2 kilometers or a 25 minute drive away south from Iloilo City. The town is bordered in the east by the district of Arevalo in Iloilo City; west by the municipality of Tigbauan: north by San Miguel; and the southern portion by a stretch of shoreline of the Sulu Sea. Made up of 37 barangays, the town has a total land area of 8,456 hectares. For more information, please contact Miss Irene Otero – Municipal Tourism Officer at 09479954730 or at (033) 3351014.

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