Monday, October 24, 2016

Haw-as in Dumangas: Celebrating the Bounty of the Sea and Land

photo by De Nuevo Studio

Dumangas, Iloilo comes alive with the celebration of Haw-as Festival that opened in October 9 till November 1, 2016. The town is among the main centers of Iloilo’s fish trade so it is appropriate that they hold a thanksgiving festival celebrating the harvest of good things from the sea and land.

Spend a sweet, end-of-the-semester weekend in the historic town of Dumangas. Both the abundance of its home-grown produce and artisan food products are what initiated this free, family-oriented arts and crafts event.

photo by De Nuevo Studio

The festival will encompass a variety of activities and entertainment geared for the young and the once young. October 9 (Sunday) Pamukaw, 8 a.m. Haw-as Festival Painting Contest at the New Building of Dumangas Public Market; October 26 (Wednesday) 9 a.m. Handumanan sg Haw-as Festival, One Town One Product at Foodfest Area A, Photoshooting Competition at Dumangas Covered Gym, 12 noon Ecumenical Service at Dumangas Covered Gym, 1 p.m. Pagbagting Street Dancing at the Municipal Hall, 6 p.m. Sugbahanay sa Plaza, 7 p.m. Awarding of Photo Contest and Street Dancing at the Dumangas Covered Gym; October 27 (Thursday) 8 a.m. Women Empowerment at Dumangas Covered Gym, 7 p.m. Haw-as Pre-Pageant Night featuring Casual Wear Competition and Talents Night at the Dumangas Covered Gym;

October 28 (Friday) a.m. Liberation of Dumangas – 116th Cry of Freedom and Liberty at the Dumangas Covered Gym, 9 a.m. Col. Quintin Salas Composo and Binalaybay at the Dumangas Covered Gym, 3-10 p.m. Educator’s Day at Dumangas Covered Gym; October 29 (Saturday) 8 a.m. Farmers and Fisherfolks Forum and Products Display at Dumangas Covered Gym, 9 a.m. Bangus Extravaganza Cooking Contest at Dumangas Covered Gym, 3 p.m. 1st Sikpanay – Dumangas actual Haw-as sa Punong in Barangay Dacutan, 7 p.m. Haw-as Festival Queen Pageant Night at Dumangas Covered Gym; October 30 (Sunday) 8 a.m. Youth Congress at Dumangas Covered Gym, 7 p.m. Diner for a Cause Benefit Show at Dumangas Covered Gym;

October 31 (Monday) 5 a.m. Run for Col. Quintin Salas Marathon – Dumangas to Barotac Nuevo Boundary, 8 a.m. Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Col. Quintin Salas, Dr. Jose Rizal and Veterans Monuments at Dumangas Public Plaza,9 a.m. Commemoration Program of the 146th Col. Quintin Salas Birth Anniversary at Dumangas Covered Gym and at 1 p.m. Haw-as Festival “Guban” Competition; November 1 (Tuesday) Aftershock, 7 p.m. Ligum Dulom at Dumangas Covered Gym.

photo by De Nuevo Studio

The most popular aquaculture practices used in the coastal area leading to Dumangas is the Brackishwater aquaculture done mainly in fish ponds located along its coastal barangays. This fishing industry not only drives the local economy but also accounts for a considerable percentage of protein consumed in the Ilonggo diet. Protection of, and innovation in, this sector is critical to ensuring food security not only for Dumangasanons but for entire Iloilo.

photo by De Nuevo Studio

Haw-as Festival reminds Dumangasanons of all the good things God gives them. This makes them want to share with others.

Dumangas is a 1st class municipality in the province of Iloilo. Politically subdivided into 45 barangays, it has a land area of 11, 677 hectares. The town is located northeast or 30 kilometers away from Iloilo City. It is bounded in the north by the Municipality of Barotac Nuevo, on the south and east by the Guimaras Strait and on the west by the Municipalities of Pototan and Zarraga. One can travel to Dumangas via the Monfort Coast Boulevard. Vans are readily available at Baldoza Transport Terminal in Barangay Baldoza, Lapaz, Iloilo City.

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