Wednesday, December 15, 2010

San Miguel Goes Green this Holiday Season

The municipality of San Miguel kept its momentum of giving-back to the community throughout the celebration of its Pasidungog Kay Senor San Miguel Festival, with series of activities that assisted and brought “good cheer” to residents.

Each year as a community, they gather together for their festival to exhibit their patriotism and love for San Miguel. Pasidungog has grown from a very small parade to one that encompasses the entire town.

Money is tight and with the Christmas and festival celebration, the town, headed by their very supportive municipal mayor, Hon. Hector S. Saclauso organized an inventive way to save money for their festival. As one of its special event this year, the town is going GREEN with its Inter-barangay Christmas tree competition.

With focus on sustainability, the town is making a positive difference with their Indigenous Christmas trees. Driven by the three “Rs”: reduce, reuse, and recycle, the community produce arts and crafts in a great way to meet all three Rs and involving everyone, young and old in the activity.

The town is showing its respect for the planet by adopting this new Christmas tradition this year. Going green is becoming more popular, but even more important, for the people, their families, and the entire San Miguel.

There is a simple elegance and peacefulness in an indigenous Christmas tree designed to be at its best in the evening, where green and brown hues take on an iridescent beauty. Go natural with indigenous Christmas trees decorated with accessories such as brightly painted seed heads and eggshells, palm fibers, bamboo strips, dry leaves and festive ribbons from recycled papers.

The tradition of Christmas tree dates back to the ancient pagan belief that the evergreen tree represents the “renewal of life.” It was in the 1900s that most countries that celebrate Christmas had embraced the idea of decorating their trees and since then, it has become synonymous with the celebration of the season.

The Indigenous Christmas tree competition is one activity of the town that you see everyone. It is a time for camaraderie, good fun and neighborliness. All of the organizations in town come together, prepare materials and mount their trees on exhibit from December 15-21, 2010. The venue's municipal field is transformed into a colorful festival site with glittering trees and live entertainment. Mr. Nicanor Escalera is this year’s over-all coordinator and Mrs. Heidi Beduyas is the special event’s head.

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is trying to celebrate more and have a grander holiday season each year, with less money available to pull it off. Choosing to have a greener, planet friendly holiday activity such as this, is a wonderful gift that you can also teach others so it becomes a family affair, and possibly an annual holiday tradition.

So if you can't decide what to do for the Christmas break, the people of San Miguel, is taking matters into their own hands and inviting their neighbors from around Iloilo to join in the festivity.

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