Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Unique Christmas Gift for the Children of Sitio Camandag in Leon

The province and city of Iloilo were placed under a state of calamity along with the provinces of Aklan, Capiz and Antique from the devastation left by Typhoon “Frank” in 2008. The typhoon flooded communities and left widespread damage in these areas.

It has been two years since the catastrophic Frank hit Iloilo big time with so much rain that even consumed some parts under water, washing away properties, houses, live stocks, and human lives.

Despite all these calamities, people never stop hoping and consistently cling to their faith to God. It is in situations such as this that unites us and continues to make us stronger as a community. The challenge is then for all of us to make a move in extending our hand to those who needs carrying. And Turismo Agustino took the challenge.

Turismo Agustino, a group of tourism students from the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of San Agustin is joining hands in efforts to help depressed areas by reviving the relief drive which aimed in reaching out to identified community. For three years now, the group goes out of their way to visit Sitio Camandag in Barangay Bucari, Leon to feed the community and give used clothing. The group’s outreach efforts for the past years have helped a number of children and their families, who have been displaced and who have nowhere else to turn.

How lucky we are to live the way we do. And it is funny at times how much we can take for granted things not until we see what others do not have an option to have. Despite that fact that people in the area have less, they always seem to be happy and have a smile on their faces. The people never stop hoping and consistently cling to their faith to God.

There was an overwhelming response from the students. They frequent the area for relief operations, distributing clothing for families, candies and entertaining the kids with their games, and feeding everyone.

The annual project has taught them that no matter what person you are, you can make a difference in anyone’s life. It’s amazing how just a little bit of inspiration and hope that the students can send to these people, what a difference it can make.

And this year, Turismo Agustino shared their love, their direct personal love, help, and time through this annual charitable gift giving as a possible Christmas present idea for the people of Sitio Camandag.

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  1. it's nice to share our own little things to those unfortunate people. i hope there would be a next time. congrats sir ! :)


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