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Refreshing Luxury at Bearland Paradise Resort

The province of Iloilo is fast-becoming a stomping ground for resort-goers. From hilltop suites to stilted villas above mangrove plantations, there is a wide range of accommodations to satisfy those looking to escape as well as those in search of one-of-a-kind experiences. Most of our resorts nowadays have set the standard for what travelers want. Even if they are visiting a remote destination, tourists expect the accommodations to suit their demands.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

The newest entrant to the luxury-type accommodation in Iloilo is the Bearland Paradise Resort in one of Iloilo’s most historic towns, Tigbauan. The town, 22.5 kilometers from the city is popular for its scenic coastline peppered with resorts and its hip beach culture in the southern side of the province.

Opened in January of 2012, the Bearland Paradise Resort is a two-hectare beachfront resort located within Tigbauan’s resort zone 250-meters away from the main entrance of Barangay Tan Pael along the highway on the way to the poblacion.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

The resort’s beautiful natural location is uniquely set with outstanding facilities and a number of rooms to ensure exclusivity and privacy. It features Bali-inspired luxury accommodations boasting five-star distinctive cabanas with bedrooms good for two and good for four. With inviting comfort in every room, each is equipped with air-conditioning, satellite TV, shower and bath and your very own private balcony awaits you too. It offers full services and amenities to make your holiday a real retreat in an elegant hideaway surrounded by nothing but sandy beach and fringed with tropical greenery. Although the cabanas are behind the sea view, each has a garden view which is surrounded by beautifully-landscaped flowering plants connected by a pebbled pathway.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

The resort also features sophisticated pools: 2-feet deep for kids and a 4-feet deep adult pool where the sea serves as its scenic backdrop. The pool area is also an ideal spot to beat the heat of the day with a selection of thirst-quenching beverages and light snacks. Stools surround the bar for guests. Order and cool off at the same time.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

Visitors can also enjoy eating barefoot by the beach while enjoying a breath-taking sunset or have elegant dining under the stars fronting the resort’s tranquil sea. It has beach cottages in native woods, rattan and bamboo to reflect the Ilonggo culture. It can accommodate intimate group gatherings for those who would want to commune with the beach.

Step inside Bearland’s exclusive serene residence right across the resort. Experience each spacious room for single and double occupancies and available rooms for a group of four and six. It also has a family suite that can accommodate a group of eight and is packed with four bedrooms and a kitchen. The stay is also complemented with the same personal service and amenities enjoyed at the resort.

And for those who wanted to have more fun under the sun, try their bamboo rafts designed for relaxation and comfort. The resort has two beach rafts that can accommodate a group of ten. It is great for hours of playful fun for kids and adults.

A resort destination on Iloilo’s southern coast, the Bearland Paradise Resort has continued to lure discerning travelers to its luxurious setting. Feel the allure of its glamorous yet classic ambiance. Experience its irresistible charm with amazing range of modern amenities and storied history of this legendary town.

Travelers looking for high-class beachfront accommodations will surely return to Bearland Paradise Resort. Once you will stay, you will understand.

For more information please contact (033) 333-0748 or at 09174698512 and 0918629 7840 or visit their website at,

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