Thursday, May 31, 2012

Relaxing Retreat at Pineridge Bucari

photo courtesy of Ramon Ramirez
The town of Leon is 28.2 kilometers away southwest from the city. It is rich in history, beauty, and adventure. The crown jewel of Leon's attractions is a 24-kilometer scenic drive to its pine-clad area that attracts many local and foreign tourists each year. The views in Bucari are spectacular. It serves as the focal point of every tour when in Leon.

Bucari was declared as an eco-tourist zone. It has a total land area of 10,432.875 hectares where Leon shares an area of 7,490.625 hectares with the municipality of Alimodian having an area of 2,942.25 hectares. Of the total land area 60% is forested, a combination of secondary growth and reforested area and a sprinkling of old growth forest in the very steep slope at high altitude of 1,200-metre-above sea level. It has subtropical highland climate and because of this, Bucari is dubbed the "Little Baguio of Iloilo."

Vacationers are promised much more than a vacation. It is an experience that can be enjoyed by families, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers or just those who enjoy beauty in its purest state. And the best-kept secret of the area is the PINERIDGE Bucari in Barangay Bacolod. They do not call it a mountain resort for nothing.

Pineridge Bucari is an exciting attraction and will surely be the most popular vacation and adventure getaway destination of Iloilo. It is along a carefully selected location in an eco-zone area that is known for its hiking routes and breath taking views of the picturesque villages and the mountains of Leon and Alimodian. It is an exclusive Spa Resort that offers health, wellness and mountain climbing/exploration activities. The idea of the resort is to recreate the magic and nostalgia of village life and provide a relaxing sojourn away from the crowds and tension of city life.

It has a restaurant that offers organic and gourmet menus. The resort's vivid combination of natural vegetation, exposed rock and land formations, wildlife, and clean, cool mountain air make it something to see. Its mountain setting makes it a unique site for a weekend getaway or family vacation.

The entire property is set in the midst of mountain ranges and every room has its own special view of this splash of nature. The pine-clad area is also never far from the resort and you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful Agua Colonia foothills from anywhere in the resort and you will find that your accommodation has nothing but the best natural setting.

Visitors also come to Pineridge Bucari for its warm family atmosphere. For visitors, a minimum fee of P150.00 goes with a native coffee and dessert. For those who would want to stay overnight, the room can accommodate six (6) persons for a fee of P1,000.00. Gourmet meals are on a reservation basis to a minimum of five (5) persons with price ranging from P300.00-P500.00. A meal of P500.00 will be of buffet type and includes wine.

And for those travelers who are on a shoestring budget, the Bucari National High School will be opening three (3) nipa cottages with bath that can accommodate six (6) persons per cottage at P150.00 per person.

For garden weddings, the resort accepts a month advanced booking for use of the venue. From your Bridal Shower to post wedding breakfast, the resort can help design and customize what you have always imagined for your perfect wedding day. Their staff will work hand in hand with you to plan every detail to ensure your wedding will be unique and memorable. You and your wedding party will enjoy the serenity of the surroundings which will help you relax and prepare for your special day. By selecting the resort, you will have the opportunity for breath taking photos in various settings. The location provides a beautiful, picturesque setting for guests to relax, enjoy themselves and celebrate your special event.

So if you and your family want to commune with nature and enjoy outdoor activities by day, but enjoy the serenity of the area in the evening, then Pineridge Bucari is for you. Come take a look at all that the resort and the surrounding area have to offer you.

To get to Leon by car is a 40-minute leisurely drive passing through Mandurriao and San Miguel along a concrete and asphalt-paved highway. Jeepneys and air-conditioned vans ply the Leon-Iloilo City route daily at a fixed 8-minute interval. Air conditioned taxis are also available for hire at reasonable and negotiable rates. The upland barangay of Bucari is a 45-minute ride an hour jeepney-ride from the poblacion area with spectacular view of pine-covered mountains from the town proper. You can spend your time relaxing and strolling through its peaceful community to your heart’s content.

The resort can also work out itineraries made specific to visitor requirements and desires. They would be glad to discuss with you details including travel themes, activities wanted, routings and dates required. The resort values your idea and opinion.

When planning to go Pineridge Bucari, a 3-day reservation basis is needed. For more information, please call (033) 320 0977 or mobile at +63-906-399-4319 or you can email them at You can also contact the Office of the Municipal Mayor at (033) 3310033 or the Office of Culture, arts, History and Tourism, Province of Iloilo at (033) 3384910.

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