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Duenas: Nature, Culture and History

DUENAS, Iloilo is a unique destination. Culturally enriched and colorful, it offers visitors a unique experience. The town is a perfect day trip outing. You will enjoy history and nature watching and experience great stops.

ST. JEROME PARISH popularly known as Dueñas Church was constructed in 1878 of stone and bricks with interiors that follow the Tuscan order and exterior of Doric origin. It has one main nave and spacious transepts measuring 65 meters long and 16 meters wide. The church columns are mounted on a rectangular section divided into three equal segments. The semi-circular arched entrances are crowned with rose windows that indicate the second story and the choir loft. It was burned in World War II and damaged by a strong earthquake in 1948. The transept and the dome were reconstructed in 1981 and the facade and bell tower restored.

CARMELITE MISSIONARIES RETREAT AND TRAINING CENTER is located in Barangay Tinocuan. Opened in 2001, this 14-hectare center provides spiritual refreshments to its visitors. It is comprised of eight (8) hermitages of two rooms that can accommodate two persons in every room. Its conference hall can hold 150 persons for seminars and meetings. Food served is organically grown by the Carmelite community. The outdoor area of the site is conducive for camping with function room that can accommodate 50 persons. Another building can accommodate 100 persons. The site also introduces sustainable agriculture that helps out the community especially the mothers by engaging in small business and technical skills is developed to be able to manage a profitable, environmentally sound and community-based small farm or agricultural business. For more information, please contact Sr. GertitaTacuyan, C.M.-Supervisor/ Administrator at telephone number (033) 3510193 or through email: cmcenteroflife@yahoo.com.

ROCKY’S PLACE in barangay Cabudian is a family-owned inland resort established in 2007. It boasts of eight (8) classy cottages that can accommodate a family or a group of six (6) persons for those who would like to stay overnight. It has a function hall that can accommodate 60-80 persons, ideal for seminars, trainings and other social events. It also has a karaoke bar and a pool where one can leisurely immerse and relax. Swimming fee is P50.00.  They offer packaged catering services for special occasions such as weddings, baptismal and parties. Visitors can take a tricycle from the poblacion to the area with a fee of P20.00 per person. Entrance fee is P50.00. For more information, please contact Mr. Robbie Pechon-Manager at 09466702900.

CALANG ECO-HISTORICAL TREKKING ADVENTURE in Barangay Calang could be reached by a 15-minute trek. Several points of interests are found in the area where sets of historical spring wells can be seen. Most popular is the PitongBubon or the seven (7) century-old natural spring wells in the heart of a forested area. It is said that it existed since the pre-colonial period and were said to have served as drinking and washing areas. Another group of eight (8) Tuscany Wells are located in a cliff of the same barangay, just 20 meters away from PitongBubon and approximately 30 meters away from Ered Falls in the east. Ered Falls got its name from the word “air raid” since the area was used to be an air raid shelter during the Japanese Occupation. The GinoongTawo form a series of spring wells on an adobe bed flowing towards a huge spring forming mini falls and is found at the base of a century-old Balete tree. Another cluster spring wells are found in the area that has become a popular bathing site.

HABLON WEAVING is a small cottage industry in this town. In the early 1990’s, a group of weavers organized and formed themselves into a cooperative called MABUBA. The group became successful in the last ten years. In 1995, another group was organized, the Home Industries and Manpower Union for Rural Area Transformation, Incorporated (HIMURAT). This was developed to provide investment and employment opportunities to the people in the community.

The word “Dueñas” or “Dueña” is derived from a Latin word domna or domina which means landlady or madam who has dominion over a certain house or estate. Duenas is a 4th class municipality s 46.1 kilometers away from Iloilo City. It is composed of 47; four barangays compose the center of the town and 43 are in the outlying areas. It sprawls to an area of 9,052 hectares. The town is bordered in the north by Passi City; east by Lambunao; south by Pototan, northeast by Calinog; southeast by Dingle and southwest by Badiangan

Duenas is a 4th class municipality s 46.1 kilometers away from Iloilo City. It is composed of 47; four barangays compose the center of the town and 43 are in the outlying areas. It sprawls to an area of 9,052 hectares. To get to the town, air-conditioned bus is available daily at the Northern Central Iloilo Transport Terminal, Inc. in Barangay Tagbak, Jaro, Iloilo City. For more information, Please contact Mrs. Susan LabroLaboriante-Pacheo- Municipal Tourism Officer at 09228731561, 09173009041 or at 09176231203.

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