Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Falls, Forest and Trail Adventure in San Enrique

2nd year tourism students from University of San Agustin enjoy the view of Binul-ugan Falls, San Enrique, Iloilo, photo by Bombette G. Marin

One of the best adventure tourism destinations in the 4th District of the province of Iloilo, the municipality of San Enrique is nestled in the rolling hills of the northern central mountain ranges and behind the long stalks of sugar cane, expanses of bamboo, terraced rice paddies and giant, century-old trees. San Enrique offers a great combination of cultural expedition and trekking that allows guests to know these remote hospitable villages.

The trek begins with a 19-kilometer wonderful scenic drive from the poblacion to the remote barangay of San Antonio. The real fun begins to the trailhead through a bumpy but short off-road drive to an old cane road.

The trek to the Binul-ugan Falls is challenging and is fully supported every step of the way by local guides. Halfway to the falls lead visitors to series of swimming holes that graces the trails where guests can frolic to their hearts’ content. These waters from the falls continue to shape a dramatic landscape of valleys, streams and cliffs.  These holes add to the uniqueness of the exhilarating journey.

After a 45-minuter moderate to hard trek, the hike continues on to the waterfall where Mother Nature has crafted three awe-inspiring pools, etched out of limestone, for your enjoyment. Visitors will enjoy a picnic lunch, swimming to its 5-feet deep pool and a relaxing hydro-massage with stunning mountain panoramas, green valleys and pasturelands, and of course the abundant water.

After trekking and swimming all day, you will find salvation drinking San Enrique’s special native coffee. The trek from the falls gives visitors the unique opportunity to visit Sitio Pangalapan of Barangay San Antonio and introduce you to all the inner workings in their coffee plantation. The sitio is home to thousands of coffee trees, each of which produces some of the finest Arabic and robusta coffee beans in Iloilo. The coffee is grown in rich soil, touched by abundant mountain rain.

During your visit, the guide will explain the complete process from the berry's on the tree until the specialty coffee's you will taste the traditional way. The experience is absolutely unique as the guide will share with you the secrets of how to make a good cup of native coffee.

San Enrique is 54 kilometers away from the city via Passi City route. Situated in the northern central part of the province, it is bounded in the north by the component city of Passi; the town of Dingle in the south; the coastal towns of Banate and Barotac Viejo in the east; and the town of DueĊ„as in the west. It is subdivided into 28 barangays in a land area of 10, 809.63 hectares. For an unforgettable adventure, immerse yourself in San Enrique; a place of old sugar plantations with extraordinary natural beauty. For more information, please contact, Mr. Marcelino M. Palomaria - Municipal Tourism Officer at 09076979945.


  1. Thanks for this post. We went there but we didn't ask the name of the falls nor the name of the barangay. It was rocky but worth the sweat. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for this post. We went there but we didn't ask the name of the falls nor the name of the barangay. It was rocky but worth the sweat. Thanks again.

    1. Binul-ugan Falls. Brgy. San Antonio, San Enrique Iloilo City Philippines


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