Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay: A Vehicle for Cultural Reawakening

The Suguidanon segment performing a chapter from Hinilawod, photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

The municipality of Calinog comes alive with colorful costumes, ethnic dances, chants and tribal music for the 26th Hirinugyaw and 9th Suguidanonay Festivals on January 24 to February 2. Experience the true spirit of Calinog and meet its people. Connect with their authentic Indigenous culture by learning and sharing in the heart and soul of its Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay Festival.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

With the theme: “Hirinugyaw Suguidanonay, Ban-awan Sang Pagbangon kag Himpit nga Pagtuo kay Señor Sto. Niño,” the 10-day celebration will open on January 24 (Friday) with an Opening Salvo at 4 p.m., a Torch Procession and Lighted Sto. Niño Contests at 6 p.m., the Presentation and Talent’s Night of Hamtong nga Lin-ay kag Ulitao and Linghuron nga Lin-ay Kag Ulitao at 8 p.m.; January 25 (Saturday) Novena Mass at 5:30 a.m.; January 27 (Monday) Cultural Presentation of WVSU CC at 7:30 p.m.; January 28 (Tuesday) Cultural Presentation District I at 7:30 p.m.; January (Wednesday) Dayaw sa Calinog at 8 a.m., Cultural Presentation District II at 7:30 p.m.; January 30 (Thursday) Adlaw Sang Panguma at 8 a.m., the Coronation Night of Linghuron nga Lin-ay kag Ulitao kang Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay Festival 2014 at 7:30 p.m.; January 31    (Friday) the Coronation Night of Hamtong nga Lin-ay kag Ulitao Kang Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay Festival 2014 at 7:30 p.m.; February 1 (Saturday) Agape (Pa-ambitanay) Linabugan Festival (Bandstand/Food Fest) at 12 noon, the Festival of Mini Sounds around the Public Market at 1 p.m.; February 2      (Sunday) Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay Tribal Dance Competition at 9:00 a.m., Festival of Sounds and Street Dancing at the municipal plaza at 1 p.m. and Live Band/  Announcement of Winners at 8 p.m.
Hirinugyaw (Jubilation) highlights the inter-tribal dance competition of performers in colorful tribal costumes, painted faces and thunderous drumbeats.  With shouts of "Viva Señor Santo Niño," Hirinugyaw pays homage to the Santo Niño or the Holy Child Jesus.

one of the mythical characters in the epic Hinilawod featured in the Suguidanon,
photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

The Suguidanon (Storytelling) dramatizes the culture of the mountain people of Central Panay known as the Sulod, an indigenous group inhabiting the interior areas of Iloilo, Capiz and Antique Provinces. Their dialect is a combination of Kiniray-a and Hiligaynon.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

The presentation is based on the literary masterpiece Hinilawod (Tales from the Mouth of the Halawod River). Documented and translated by renowned Filipino anthropologist, Felipe Landa Jocano, a native of Cabatuan, Iloilo, it is known to be the Second Longest Verse –Epic in the World with 28,000 verses and when performed in its original form would takes about three days.  It recounts about the exploits of enchanted folk heroes, the three demigods, Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap, their tales of love and adventures.

photo by Vincent Angelo Gefes

The local government incorporated the Suguidanon for the coming generations of Ilonggos to appreciate through this visual legacy the lives of our Sulod brothers, their adventures and conversations weaving an intimate and profound portrait of a culture whose survival, history and worldview is intertwined with the land, the spirit world, the plants and animals.

The agro-industrial municipality of Calinog is 59.3 kilometers away from Iloilo City. It is in the central portion of Iloilo and is comprised of 59 barangays over a land area of 23,280 hectares. It is bounded in the north by the municipality of Tapaz, Capiz; northeast by the municipality of Bingawan, Iloilo; northeast by the municipality of San Remegio, Antique; south by the town of Lambunao, Iloilo; southeast by the municipality of Dueńas, Iloilo and; southwest by the town of Valderama, Antique. To get to the town, one can take a non-air-conditioned bus at the terminal beside Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines plant in Ungka, Pavia.

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