Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Leganes Celebrates Fun Coastal Races Through Biray Paraw

Now on its 10th year, Biray Paraw festival in Leganes, Iloilo continues to offer lots of fun activities for everyone. Throughout its 5-day activity from June 22-26, 2016, the whole family will spend time having fun around its coastal. These days will be all about enjoying as we bid goodbye to summer and making lifelong friendships.

June 22 (Wednesday) Grand Launching and Seaside Party at Sea Garden Resort, 5 p.m.; June 23 (Thursday) Tourism Orientation Caravan; June 24 (Friday) Motorboat Race and Beach Volleyball at 9 a.m., Rianne’s Beach Resort; June 25 (Saturday) Eco Walk and Coastal Clean-up at 7 a.m., Sina-ot sa Hunasan, Palumba Paraw, Biray-Biray, Becah Volleyball and Fun Games at 9 a.m.; June 26 (Sunday) Biray-Biray sa Jaen’s and Rianne’s Beach Resort and Closing Program at Sea Garden Resort.

Sailing is one of the traditional and fastest growing recreational activities of the Ilonggos. It allows one to become part of the action rather than solely a spectator. Everyone has the opportunity to take part. The annual Biray Paraw festival provides a sailing environment for the benefit of community and visitors. The festival is to satisfy their social and recreational needs while fostering a spirit of camaraderie.

Leganes has a strong agenda for sailing. Sailors from this town had been winning the annual Iloilo Paraw Regatta race and with an annual festivity program anchored on it.

A paraw is a double outrigger sailboat traditional to the Visayas region. Visitors to the festival will experience biray-biray  (recreational sailing) where the riggers will take everyone for a ride.

Biray-biray offers the perfect platform for enthusiast to create a level playing field, allowing one to display competitive qualities. Amateurs can test their skills and experience the atmosphere and the excitement it gives.

The peaceful town Leganes is only about 11 kilometers from Iloilo City and about 13 kilometers from the Iloilo Airport via the provincial access road and can be reached from the city via the National Highway to the North or the Coastal Highway leading to the town of Dumangas. The town is one of the 19 coastal towns of the province. Being the only coastal municipality that shares a common border with the city, it is adjacent to Pavia in the southeast; west by Sta. Barbara; and in the North by Zarraga.

To get there, one can take a jeepney at Jaro Plaza, Iloilo City. For more information, please call the Municipal Tourism Officer of Leganes, Jerry Anas at (033) 3296622 or at 09166030635.

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