Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pandayan sa Badiangan

One of the major festivals of Iloilo, Pandayan of Badiangan, the like of which is one-of-a-kind seen in the province of Iloilo will take place on June 17-24, 2016.

The event annually showcases and celebrates the best of Blacksmithing in Badiangan, the tribes who participate in this ancient but essential craft, its historic roots and its relevance and place in today’s society. Open to the public, this important event include demonstrations on how bolo is made. It also features other important backyard industries of the town such as weaving and taho-making.

The festival is a meeting place for professionals as well as the general public where people of all ages and all walks of life have a good time. Music, dancing and dining are part of the event starting on June 17 (Friday) Opening Salvo with a parade and presentation of muses in the morning and Pasidungog, an evening with Talalupangdon nga mga Badianganons; June 18 (Saturday) Farmers Day and in the evening the Honoring Retired Teachers; June 19 (Sunday) Sinadya sang Banwa and LIGA Night; June 20 (Monday) MSWDO Day and Night; June 21 (Tuesday) Tribal Dance Competition of Pandayan Festival at 9 a.m. and Search for Bb. Pandayan in the evening; June 22 (Wednesday) Oath Taking Ceremony of Newly Elected Municipal Officials and Cooperative Day in the morning and MAC and PNP Badiangan Night in the evening; June 23 (Thursday) High School Day and Night; June 24 (Friday) Mass and Procession in the morning, Sports League Championship and Coronation Night in the evening.

Badiangan, Iloilo has long been known for its taho or ginger ale, hablon and patadyong, banana chips and bolos.

A major Badiangan backyard industry is bolo making. A number of Bingawanons are engaged as blacksmiths or “panday” and have experts of the trade using manual and improvised equipment. The Barangay of Bingawan in Badiangan is the most popular source of fine crafted bolos in Iloilo. Men and women are in the barangay are becoming active in the manual production of bolos. And this backyard industry is fast gaining a lucrative reputation among its people.

The most important bolo type manufactured by the Badiangan blacksmiths are (1) Binakuko for chopping wood; (2) Sinuwak for carpentry and cutting shrubs and smaller trees; (3) Ginunting having the same function as the Sinuwak; Pinuti for slicing meat; (4) Tangkap for kitchen use; (5) Linamay, Surot, and Balintawak are used in gardening; (6) Kayog is used to harvest rice; and (7) Wasay used to chop lumber and bigger trees. Bolos are made by hand with blades made from recycled steel.

Belonging to the 3rd Congressional District of the province of Iloilo, Badiangan is a Fourth Class Municipality subdivided into 31 barangays spreading over an area of 7,750 hectares. It is located in the northwest central portion of Iloilo Province, 39 kilometers away from the city or an hour land trip. The town borders on the north by the municipality of DueƱas; on the northwest by the municipality of Lambunao; the municipality of Pototan on the east; on the southwest by municipality of Janiuay; and the municipality of Mina on the southeast.

Visitors can take the jeepney at the terminal Fronting Christ the King Memorial Park. For more information, please contact Miss Fe Martinez – Municipal Tourism Officer at 09182809023.

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